Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a few questions...

What happens when you realize you really can't win the "war" just yet? You change your time slot. After one week at a special hour-earlier time slot, TNA announced today they would make it a permanent change for iMPACT!. This time slot gives them an hour to get viewers in before Raw, and hopefully keep them there during Raw's first hour.

Another TNA question, this one directed to Velvet Sky: If you have a contract for any match, and your biggest enemy is now the Knockouts Champion, what kind of match do you propose? A "Leather and Lace Match" you say? How about a CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! I think even Lacey could figure that one out...

And now, to the WWE: Why would you make Jack Swagger the new World Heavyweight Champion and have him lose to Randy Orton (in a non-title match) in his next televised appearance? When he won the Money in Bank Match, I thought he would be a credible champion, and and by having him lose right away, he loses credibility. He is also Mr. Perfect-esque to me. By having him lose like that hurts his character. Now, I don't think he should win every match, but I think he should have won this one.

David Otunga, why would you blow a chance at the Tag Team Titles? Your Pro, R Truth, lost to the Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania. Wouldn't it have been great for your story to rub it in his face that won what he couldn't?

(By the way, those most likely not to get a WWE contract are Darren Young, Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield. All three were at the bottom of both the Pro's poll and the poll. After the next Pro's poll, somebody is going home, or, back to FCW, I guess.)

My last question goes to you: If you haven't been to an NWS show, why haven't you? All seats are great, it's a friendly atmosphere and the shows are pretty awesome. Where else can you see Balls Mahoney, The Iron Sheik, Tatanka, Rikishi, Dawn Marie, the Blue Meanie and Tito Santana? The best way to learn about their upcoming events - and they have some interesting matches coming up - is to become their fan on Facebook.

(I am also on Facebook, in case you didn't notice...)


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