Saturday, May 1, 2010

JR Silenced

Jim Ross is still employed by the WWE, but don't expect to hear his voice during a broadcast any time in the near future. His 17-year talent contract - the one that makes him an on-air personality - ended yesterday. He will continue to work for the WWE behind the scenes in his other job with the company in talent relations.

Good Ol' JR has not sat at the announce table since his third Bells palsy attack left him with full-blown Bells Palsy in October. His first attack was in 1994 and his second was in 1998.

"The WWE engaged in talks with me on Thursday of this week to discuss a new job description that would include what I am now doing along with other talent relations oriented matters," JR said in his blog last night. "I am considering this offer and trust that a decision will be made soon regarding this opportunity."

JR also let his fans know he is not angry, but disappointed, and that he would have liked to do a farewell broadcast before his contract ran out. He also noted he has interest in doing radio, and that his "dream job" is to be the voice of the Oklahoma Sooners, but that job is not exactly available.

"I have been blessed with a remarkable career and truly feel that I have much more to contribute and will be able to do so on the next leg of my journey on my own terms," JR said.


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