Monday, May 3, 2010

Dawn Marie rescues wrestlers

As a valet, Jersey girl Dawn Marie would do what she could to help the wrestlers she managed. Today, she helps every wrestler in a different way.

She is the founder of Wrestlers Rescue, an organization based in New Jersey that helps with the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers.

"We are very blessed in this business, but many things in this business need to change," she said. "If we work together, we can make changes."

And changes she has made. The charity was founded two years ago and has already met its five year goals. They have a talent booking agency- with support from wrestlers from Angelina Love to Jimmy Snuka- to raise funds for the cause. Wrestlers can book their travel through their agency to raise funds for the cause. And, as of March, they now offer insurance programs for active and retired wrestlers and fans.

"I'm making the business better," the Jersey native said, adding the team is working on a new set of five year goals to be released later this month.

Dawn Marie came up with the idea after seeing how many in the business came to help her when she needed to raise funds for her sister-in-law's medical needs. She started the charity to give back to the community that helped her.

It also serves another desire for her. She didn't get the chance to pass the business along to others when her contract with the WWE was released during her maternity leave.

"This business only exists if you pass it along," she said, explaining Jimmy Snuka had passed it on to her. "He expected me to pass it to someone else."

Her son is now 4, and he doesn't know what his mom does, even though he did recently discover her action figures.

"He just thinks everybody has a mama doll," she said.


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