Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raw Thoughts

I'm pretty disappointed Sheamus will not be defending his title against only Wade Barrett at Night of Champions. I was excited for those brief seconds that was the match because it was something different and interesting. Then, we got the usual-- indecisiveness on what to do with the stars of the show by throwing them all together in the same match.

The problem with the WWE is they have too many stars, or leads. This is okay when a few are out with injuries, but when just about everyone is healthy, it means we have near battle royals to determine who should be wearing the belt. Either no one is willing to step back and let someone else be in the spotlight, or WWE really has no clue what they want to with their stars.

Whether you like it or not, sports entertainment is a soap opera. In soap operas, there may be the same leads there were 20 years ago, but they step back and rotate who's the lead in the current storyline.

Kinda like what TNA does.

One thing I've noticed this summer is WWE is about the stars and TNA is about the show. WWE thinks you'll watch because you are a John Cena fan, you are waiting for Triple H to return or because it's Raw. TNA wants you to watch because it's going to give you a great show, no matter who's in the starring role that night.

Smackdown, on the other hand, did end on a great note with the debut of Alberto Del Rio. His performance stole the show -- perhaps because he was so fresh -- even though Kane did seem to try for an Emmy nod with his seemingly never-ending speech...


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