Monday, July 12, 2010

Brotherly Love?

To seek revenge on the attack on his brother, Kane first seriously suspected CM Punk and the SES because it would be logical that a group would be needed to take the Undertaker out. Now, his eyes are set on Jack Swagger. I say he should take a look in the mirror...

See, this is how it always works out. The brother or the best friend got jealous or mad and actually attacked the person you'd least expect him to attack.

When the footage rolled, we discovered it was Triple H who attacked Shawn Michaels in the parking lot in 2002. And, more recently, in 2009, Matt Hardy announced it was he who had been tormenting Jeff Hardy throughout 2008.

And, if you really want to go back, Cain attacked Abel. Okay, I know, but doesn't Taker always get into those title matches and is always the favored one, while Kane, even though he is arguably larger in size, is a sideline character? Need proof? Kane was WWE Champ once, 12 years ago. Taker has held the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships a combined 7 times, with his last reign ending, oh, 5 months ago.

The only question is when will Taker come out of his "vegetative state" (which some creatively say is due to his recent marriage to Michelle McCool... Rey Mysterio did actually injure him- concussion, broken orbital bone- in their match the week before Memorial Day). I have a feeling he'll have a full recovery and will be able to reveal his attacker in time for a match to settle their differences at SummerSlam.


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