Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raw gets another GM, sort of...

On Raw last night, Bret Hart (who was not present, just as he wasn't present for the PPV) was fired as GM of Raw. Vince McMahon announced there was a new GM, and that person wanted to remain anonymous and would be making decisions heard via e-mail.

Well, I'm pretty sure I know why.

There is no new GM... yet. Bret Hart's departure was sudden, and the WWE is using this computer GM to cover that up.

See, Martha Hart, the widow of Owen Hart, is suing the WWE, again. After Owen's death, the WWE was not allowed to use Owen's name and likeness without Martha's permission. She recently found out that the WWE violated this contract and is especially upset about the Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology DVD (released April 6).

The Federal lawsuit was filed today in Connecticut against Vince and Linda McMahon and the WWE. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt said the WWE has the right to use its own copyrighted material which features Owen Hart.

The problem is, I believe the DVD was part of Bret Hart's return to the WWE. And, both the DVD and Bret's return were a major factor in boosting the Hart Dynasty team of Natalya (who tweeted earlier today that she was making a trip to Calgary to visit family), DH Smith and Tyson Kidd. And, shirts and photos featuring Owen are being sold by Bret Hart (www.brethart.com). And, I don't think I've heard anyone but a Hart mention Owen's name. (If I'm wrong, feel free to comment and correct me...)

It, by the way, would be hard to put together a DVD of Bret Hart's career without any Owen Hart footage.

So, it sounds to me that she needs to talk to her own family before suing the WWE. And, perhaps that is why Bret really suddenly disappeared from programming is no longer GM. (There were reports his Lloyd's of London insurer was unhappy with the beat down he received last week... perhaps that was a cover for the lawsuit he knew was on its way...)

From what I've seen, the WWE isn't selling Owen to make money. I know this must be hard for Martha, but I hope Natalya, Bret and the rest of the family can help her understand that Owen is an important part of their family's legacy, and you cannot simply erase him without hurting the family.


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