Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Tags

Something happened three weeks before WrestleMania. Somebody noticed there wasn't nearly a full card yet. So, in a flurry, a Tag Team title match was created.

After Dolph Ziggler won a match against Kofi Kingston (with a little help from AJ and Big E Langston), the champs, Team Hell No came out and congratulated, then challenged Ziggler and Langston. AJ, with a smile knowing this is how she's getting her hometown WrestleMania moment, counters that the match be at WrestleMania with the titles on the line.

And there. Match set.

Yes, Ziggler did wrestle both Daniel Bryan and Kane on Raw and SmackDown, respectively, the previous week beating both, so I suppose there was some set up.

The most interesting thing about this match is it involves three men who AJ has had history with over the past year. Could AJ come full circle and help Daniel Bryan win, after costing him a win at WrestleMania last year? There are hints she still has a thing for Kane... could she end up helping Team Hell No in general, then become the catalyst for their split? Could she distract Bryan again, causing him to lose in 18 seconds, again? Or, will it be Ziggler she distracts this time? Will AJ turn into a bad luck charm for WrestleManias?

One thing's for certain- with AJ involved, anything can happen.

While I would love to see our Jersey Girl actually compete at WrestleMania in Jersey, I'm happy she'll probably make a major impact and possibly steal the show from the guys in the ring. And, if it's a short match, it leaves the window open wider for Ziggler to cash in his Money in Bank later in the night.

I like all possible scenarios, but I'll give Hell No the win because I like the possible story outcomes better.

Speaking of storylines, the Bellas came back and a new storyline was created. All of a sudden, we have a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania!

Although I'm among those who wanted a Goldust v. Cody Rhodes match at WrestleMania, this is a pretty good replacement. I like the team of Sandow and Rhodes. I like their seriousness is pittted against the ridiculousness of what is now being called Tons of Funk.

I like that Naomi is getting show her impressive skills as a wrestler. I like that it seems the Divas are heading back to the greatness they had when Trish Stratus was around.

I also kinda like that the wrestler formerly known as Albert has a match at the WrestleMania where Trish will go into the Hall of Fame.

This will be a fun match that should also show fans the Divas are coming back, since, you know, they'll stay in their seats. Unfortunately for those who like funk, I say Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas are winning.


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