Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What the E?

Remember when Brodus Clay reemerged as the Funkasaurus? We were speechless and confused about why this big, tough guy had this new, silly gimmick. I think some of us even said he would never amount to anything and be a jobber for the rest of his life.

Now, while he hasn't won a title yet, he still has won the hearts of fans, especially the all important younger generation that will keep the WWE alive in the future. Even Tensai/Albert saw the magic of the gimmick and joined the team.

Monday night, when Epico and Primo came out to their new gimmick, Los Matadores, we were prepared for some fun just based on their promos. We were not prepared for how far it would go.

They held up their capes, there was some smoke, and then, a midget wrestler dressed as a bull ran through the capes. Speechless again.

Los Matadores and El Torito (image from WWE's Facebook)

Then, this bull, El Torito, jumped around the ropes far better than Sin Cara on a good day. That is when I knew this was magic.

To be sure, I rewatched the entrance and match with kids the next day. They were laughing and thoroughly enjoying the segment. I was waiting for one of them to say this was now going to be his Halloween costume.

El Torito's Twitter profile photo
I did a little searching and found out El Torito was signed by WWE in April. The 4-foot-5-inches-tall wrestler was formerly known as Mascarita Dorada in Mexico, where he was a two-time Mini-Estrella (or midget) Champion and Mascot Tag Team Champion.

(If you're wondering, WWE lists Hornswoggle at 4'5", Rey Mysterio at 5'6" and Sin Cara at 5'7")

Sure, the fun gimmicks may not accomplish much title-wise, but they will break up the seriousness of other segments and make lots of money for the company from kids wanting El Torito masks. (Merchandising! Merchandising!) Because of that, they will be a success.


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