Wednesday, January 29, 2014


There appears to be a reason that the Royal Rumble match Sunday night was the last time we saw CM Punk. His last tweet, posted Monday, certainly implies that he left the WWE, and reports are flying over the internet that he quit.

CM Punk is still listed as a Superstar on, but he has been removed from advertising for live events. He is still listed on the WrestleMania Axxess VIP Signing Schedule, for now.

While his historic "pipebomb" in July 2011 was scripted, this may not be simply part of a story. In fact, it seems to be similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin's walkout on the company after WrestleMania in 2002.

In an interview posted on on Jan. 24, Punk did say his contract was up in July, and no one had been talking to him about it.

"I don't know," CM Punk said when asked if he would renew his contract. "Everything is up in the air."

While you may be thinking once contract issues are ironed out, Dixie Carter would be a fool not to go after CM Punk for TNA Wrestling, he does have an interest in MMA, and could always make that his next career move.


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