Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

It is the day after Thanksgiving, so it's time for my annual gift ideas list. At, use the code "YES" to get 20% off your order today only. TNA has a 10% deal today, but I did not see a code on the site...

For the Olympics Fan: Kurt Angle Save Wrestling Shirt. Wrestling is back in the 2020 Olympics, but the fan who signed petitions, shared his outrage and was the first to let everyone know when the IOC finally made the right decision, will still want this shirt as a souvenir to wear during the games.

For the Diva: A Cohabitation Agreement. She'll love this, especially if she's already unpacked all 100 of her shoes. Just ask John Cena.

For the Diva, really: Anything from the Stratusphere shop. There's even a limited supply of Raw Magazine Covers signed by Trish and Lita.

For the Gamer: WWE 2K14. You can find it wherever video games are sold, but it is on sale for only $35 today at Target stores.

For Dad: The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD or Blu-ray. Where else can you find the first episode of Raw, Hogan v. Andre at WMIII and the Montreal Screwjob?

For the Little One: WWE Rumblers. There's a set with Macho Man and CM Punk. Get that one, if you can find it at Target, Kmart or Toys"R"Us.

For the Cook: JR's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce. It's a must have, even if you're not a WWE fan.

For the Best Secret (or not-so-secret) Santa: CM Punk "Best In The World" Santa Hat. Something tells me you'll gift this one to yourself...


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