Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Total Talk

Total Divas is coming back this Sunday, which means the stars of the show are not only getting more time on Raw (two matches!), but are making the talk show rounds.

Today, the Bellas and the Funkadactyls were on the Steve Harvey Show, and I watched it so you wouldn't have to. (Amazingly, the Bellas weren't the only twins on the show. Yeah, they put the Divas on in the middle of the show so I couldn't turn it off early...)

Nikki got to explain the show after Steve told them they didn't look like wrestlers. He says he watches wrestling, then was surprised by who was dating/engaged to whom. (Maybe he's one of those guys who leave the room when the Divas perform.) He also didn't seem to understand that the wrestlers who are rivals in the ring can actually be friends in real life. At least he didn't call wrestling fake...

The ladies then finished the segment with a booty dance off. Yup.

Fortunately, the new episodes should be an interesting look at how Daniel Bryan (the anti-Kanye, for you E! viewers) proposed to Brie, how Nikki and John Cena handle their injuries and how Ariana and Eva Marie cause even more trouble.


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