Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Confused

Was anyone else confused during Raw this week?

If you think I'm taking about Shawn Michaels, you don't know HBK. That was exactly what I expected him to say and do in that situation. It fit his character perfectly.

I'm talking about the Big Show. Not only did his music play as the banned superstar approached the ring, but he was wearing new merch (available for purchase on

While I am quite aware this is a show, a performance, and we certainly are not in the days when WWF gave the Million Dollar Man cash to throw around to keep the illusion alive even when he wasn't at a WWF event, the WWE does continue to blur the lines of reality. This is a company that goes so far that they back up storylines on superstars' Twitter accounts. So, why would they allow the Big Show to appear as he did?

It doesn't make sense. I could even see WWE going as far as creating a webpage for the Big Show to sell his merch to "help him earn money."

I don't know when this storyline will end- it could even be concluded at WrestleMania, at this point- but I wonder if the new house Stephanie and Triple H are reportedly building will be ready at some point during this storyline. It would be impactful to have footage (even if it's just a Tout) of movers removing furniture from the McMahon-Levesque house if this story continues (and I assume it will) with Big Show winning his case, causing the McMahons to lose everything...


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