Monday, November 18, 2013

Raw Goes Hardcore Country?

For tonight's Raw in Nashville, the WWE is promoting a country theme, and even plans to have Florida Georgia Line perform. But, will a country music Diva be there to perform as well?

Mickie James' Twitter profile photo (@MickieJames)
Over the weekend, posted a Q&A with Mickie James. The former Women's Champion, Divas Champion and TNA Knockouts Champion was visiting the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, which happens to be a popular stop for wrestlers before making their returns, for obvious reasons. She said she was there last week to "pass a little knowledge" to the newbies. James left TNA in September after she and the company could not agree on terms for a new contract, so she should be free to perform for WWE.

(I will admit, since James did crazy before AJ Lee was out of high school, it would be neat to them confront each other.)

In case you have not been keeping up with James' career outside the ring, she has recorded two country music albums. Her song "Hardcore Country" was her ring entrance music in TNA, and, since it is her actual song, I would suppose she could use it in WWE as well...


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