Friday, January 10, 2014

Young stays "indestructible"

You could say (and many have tweeted) that WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young is in the greatest Iron Man match of her life. The 90-year-old was taken off life support Wednesday night, then reported dead Thursday morning. The reporter unfortunately received incorrect information from a source, and Young was still alive.

It was not a hoax, as some are saying. This reporter is well-known and trusted a source who, for unknown reasons, provided him with incorrect information. It happens. Wrestlers trusted this reporter, hence their condolences. I thought it was a little odd WWE did not officially say anything, and a couple hours later, when the reporter found out the truth, I found out why.

It made me smile when I looked through the information on Young and saw that WWE's slideshow for Young's 90th birthday described her as "indestructible." It seemed quite fitting considering Thursday's events.

As far as I know (without driving drown to Columbia, SC, and camping out on Young's lawn myself), she is still alive as of 2 p.m. Friday, but also not doing well. If she does make it to her 100th birthday, Stephanie McMahon had better be ready, because Young will have proved she is just as tough as she was in her prime, if not tougher for beating death. (Young did challenge McMahon to a match to be held when she turns 100, if you forget.)

Young may have originally been scheduled to appear on Old School Raw Monday night as she normally would do. It was on Monday that it was widely reported that she was released from a hospital and put in Hospice care, although it appears she was released before the weekend. She reportedly had a failing kidney and was on a oxygen machine.

She is a first lady of professional wrestling, debuting in 1939, and a true legend who helped paved the way for future generations, including training both women and men. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008 as the third woman with the honor. Fabulous Moolah was inducted in 1995 and Sherri Martel was inducted in 2006.

See Mae Young's WWE Profile for detailed information about her career

As news spread of her passing early Thursday morning due to the incorrect information in The Post and Courier in South Carolina, many in the business offered their condolences and memories. Because the messages are still a great honor to Young's legacy, and I already did the legwork between updates, here is what was tweeted:


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