Monday, December 30, 2013

To Be The Champ

While most of us in this area were either overjoyed that the Eagles won or simply that the Cowboys lost, NBA Star LeBron James had something else on his mind. When LeSean McCoy did his post-game interview with a classic WWE Championship Title over his shoulder, James had one question:

When I first saw this tweet last night, my thoughts ranged from, "Doesn't he have people for that?" to "Hasn't he ever seen the DX advertisements for"

The response was quick, with not one (as reported by but three offers for championship titles!

First, the Champ (who is no longer the Champ, but you know what I mean) showed he was here to help:

And later:

The next response was for yet another classic title:

And, following in his father's footsteps:

And, last, but not least, the People's Champ, from Miami, of course, chimed in:

Which offer would you accept?


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