Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Rumor Mill

Two big rumors have been circulating lately and, for now, that's simply all they are- rumors.

It's true the rumor that MVP was the investor came true in TNA, but, let's face it- he wasn't the only one rumored for the role.

The first one is that The Rock will play Green Lantern in either the Superman/Batman movie or the Justice League movie or both. Yes, The Rock did tweet that he talked to WB execs about a role in a DC film a while back, but no role was mentioned.

Green Lantern John Stewart is a Marine and probably the most mainstream black superhero. I'm not sure if his charisma would be able to come through in this role, so this rumor isn't a lock for me, but it's not like other casting decisions for this movie have made much sense to the geeks at this point. I also cannot think of a DC superhero or villain The Rock has GOT to be to counter the Green Lantern rumors.

The other big rumor involves Stacy Keibler. Either she's coming back or going into the Hall of Fame. All of this started after she was seen talking to Stephanie McMahon at an event. When asked by a follower, McMahon admitted to seeing Keibler.

For all we know, they could have been talking about their mutual love of TLC, the Affordable Care Act or how good of a kisser is George Clooney. But, of course, the two rumors were started.

It would be great to see Keibler back, but we have so many young, talented Divas just getting attention right now, that it may be a disservice to them. Hall of Fame could be possible, but there are already two big ticket-selling names going in that I'm not sure if she would be a choice for this year. Also, while I certainly like her and think she probably is a future Hall of Famer, there are other women who did more for the wrestling business who more deserving at this point.


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