Friday, April 25, 2014

Legends House teases fights, delivers fun

Is "Legends House" living up to your expectations?

I don't know what I was expecting these past two years I've been eagerly awaiting "Legends House." (Yes, it really has been THAT long since they filmed.) I don't think I wanted to see them act like their characters, even though those are the names they are using on the show. Maybe I've watched too much Real Housewives drama that I'm jaded.

They keep teasing that these personalities don't mix well. Tony Atlas and Hacksaw Jim Duggan argued, but that really was nothing compared to the Guidices. Roddy Piper even went for a concerning walk, but that truly was more of a healthy thing. The rest is just basic ribbing-- they are having fun with each other.

And, yes, it's nice to see these guys get along, but that doesn't make compelling television. Maybe that's why the show didn't air before now (I seem to remember it originally meant to be aired on some channel, or at least being shopped.)

The best part of the show so far was the attempt to make food or somehow find food via GPS. It was amazing that these guys apparently have never had to prepare and cook their own food. It was real. It was really them, learning each other's skills and working together to reach a goal. (Yes, Mean Gene and Pat played cards, but only after their own failed attempt. Their card playing encouraged the others to get involved.)

Perhaps that should have been the focus of the show all along-- sort of like that Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie reality show-- put these guys in normal situations for the rest of us, and let us watch as they fumble and discover each other's strengths, especially since they seem so concerned about fighting. Maybe, especially since that argument was about working with kids, they could babysit kids of various ages. Wouldn't it be fun to see Mean Gene exclaim, "Holy Balls!" after opening a diaper?


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