Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Tag Time

This year, the Tag Team Title match will be the pre-show for WrestleMania. While I don't like title matches being the pre-show for any PPV, there is one other thing I don't like about this match.

I wish Cody Rhodes and Goldust were in this match instead of the Real Americans. This match had the opportunity to have each team with multi-generational wrestlers, including one team with a family member going into the Hall of Fame. This could have have been a special match for the 30th WrestleMania, considering the history of the families.

But no, The Real Americans, who, in my opinion, have gotten stale lately, were placed in this match.

I see the Colons, I mean, Los Matadores, winning the titles, if the Usos don't retain. I know, I know, but I have good reasons. Los Matadores will see Carlos Colon (Primo's dad, Epico's uncle) go into the Hall of Fame the night before. Now, sometimes, when something special like this happens, they get screwed in some other way, which goes with Usos retaining. I see the Usos retaining as part of the Total Divas promotion.

Of course, the reason The Real Americans got into this title match is thanks to Kane, who found his way into another match. He, along with the New Age Outlaws, will face The Shield at WrestleMania.

This match I don't understand. It basically gives Kane, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg a paycheck. I do not see how this benefits The Shield at all. The Shield's story line was progressing toward a split. I only see this bringing them closer together. It also kinda gives them a face turn, which, while we do like them, they aren't exactly faces.

I suppose The Shield will win simply because The New Outlaws need to go back to their backstage jobs at some point. Right?


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