Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Technical Issues

Hulkamania was running wild on the "Today Show" this morning to promote WrestleMania 30 on the WWE Network. Unfortunately, the WWE Network is driving many wild in the wrong way.

First of all, one reason businesses like WWE offer a free trial for the first week is because, while they hope everything runs smoothly, they anticipate problems. Whenever any business has a huge launch, whether it's Target or the government, the number of people trying to access it overwhelms the system in some way, shape or form, and people are unhappy. So, if a trial is possible, it's the smart move for a business to take.

The trial period is also the chance for customers to test out the product and see if it is worth their money. On paper, the WWE Network is a great deal even if all you want is to watch WrestleMania and Summer Slam. But, if the quality isn't good, it won't be worth the hassle.

And, right now, on the start of the third day, it is still a hassle for many. It appears those with XBox 360 still can't even log in. Others, like me, can't watch an old PPV without it freezing after a few minutes then going back to the menu screen.
(Image source unknown-circulating on social media)
(On a positive note, the first live broadcast, the Raw Pre-Show, worked without issues. I'm still waiting to see what NXT ArRival looks like on Thursday night.)

Yesterday, WWE issued a statement via social media that issues would be resolved by 6 p.m. When the issues were not resolved, fans made sure to come back and post their unhappiness. This morning, another statement was issued that they were "working aggressively to fix log-in issues."

The log-in issues are definitely the biggest issues the network is facing. Yes, many of these people have reported being able to log-in on their computer, but who wants to watch a sporting event, even a scripted one, on a computer monitor when you could be watching it on a big flat-screen TV?

In time for my issue, the fad of having access to all this programming will die, and all I will really care about are the first-run programs, like ArRival, Legends House (which premieres in April, for those of you complaining about that being "missing") and the current PPV. I don't exactly have the time to watch every single PPV ever made, anyway. Oh, and it's not like don't have a bunch of those matches already available on various WWE DVDs.

So, as of now, patience is the key. And, on another positive note, could you imagine if this network was launched April 5? So, if you really think about it, WWE gave themselves more than a month to get things in order before their biggest draw to network, as proven by today's morning show appearance, goes live.


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