Thursday, February 20, 2014


If you have Dish as your television provider, you'll have to find another way to watch the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday. In true pro wrestling fashion, Dish took its ball and went home over its displeasure with the WWE Network debuting Monday.

In a response to a customer complaint on Facebook last night, Dish said, "We need to re-focus our efforts to support partners that better serve DISH customers. Other satellite and cable companies, including DIRECTV, have also expressed they may no longer provide WWE PPV events in the future."

But, as reported in Variety, Dish said, "As WWE enters the increasingly fragmented media world by themselves, Dish will continue to consider the value of WWE pay-per-view on an event by event basis."

I suppose that means if the backlash is bad enough, especially with WrestleMania coming up next, Dish could change its mind to keep customers. After WWE announced Dish's decision on Facebook yesterday, many fans with Dish threatened to switch to another provider, like DirecTV.

While some think it isn't a big deal since the WWE Network will provide all PPVs, the network does not launch until after this PPV, and this PPV will not be available to watch immediately on the network. That means anyone with Dish will either need to find another way to watch the Elimination Chamber or cut their losses.

To help, WWE provided on their Facebook page all the alternatives Dish customers have to watch the Elimination Chamber:

In New Jersey, Buffalo Wild Wings locations are showing the Elimination Chamber, according to The site also lists the Fox & Hound in Edison, Hooters in Wayne, Pub 46 in Clifton, and the Tilted Kilt in Wayne as places to watch the PPV.


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