Sunday, March 30, 2014

WrestleMania 30: The Title

Like many, I was incredibly disinterested in the WWE Heavyweight Championship match about a month ago.

I saw this match being overshadowed by other matches. Randy Orton can put on a show, but the fans haven't exactly been interested in him this year, and that may have affected his performance. Then, Orton wasn't given any favors with Batista as his opponent. Batista didn't exactly deserve the title shot, like so many guys in the locker room who will now get their WrestleMania paycheck from the Battle Royal match.

Now, one of those guys, the guy the fans wanted, could be added to what is now a Triple Threat match.

As an obvious response to the fans' plans to "Hijack Raw" each week since CM Punk left, WWE ingeniously had Daniel Bryan's character gather fans to "Occupy Raw." They basically kowtowed to the fans both in story line and real life. They not only went along with the rumored plan (at least since Punk left) that Bryan would face Triple H, but added what the fans wanted by adding Bryan to the title match if he beat Triple H. But, if Triple H wins, he gets to battle his former Evolution buddies in a Triple Threat match.

Do I like this? Does this make me happy?

Not exactly. I'm not sure if making this a Triple Threat match makes the match any better. Sure, the fan interaction will be better, but that's not all that makes a match. And, with the Triple H/Bryan match, yes, we are assuming Bryan wins. Doesn't he have to? And, what if he doesn't? Will the fans really get what they wanted in the end? Will the WWE simply take this opportunity to show the fans what they want isn't always best for business?

Maybe Orton v. Batista would have been a spectacular match. Maybe throwing Bryan in the mix will throw off some of the chemistry these guys have from working together in the past. Maybe putting Triple H in it will create a new story line branching off from the Evolution days (remember, Orton was Batista-bombed out of Evolution when Triple H gave Batista the signal to do so.)

I also can't help but wonder if Bryan's real life wedding to Brie Bella shortly after WrestleMania (April 11, if I remember correctly) will affect the outcome. Sure, The Usos both got married (one to Funkadactyl Trinity, in fact) and not only didn't take time off, but won the Tag Team titles. That doesn't mean Bryan would want the extra responsibility of being champ putting pressure on his wedding and new marriage.

While they did the expected with the Royal Rumble and pissed off the fans, and the entire arena chanting, "yes" at WrestleMania could be epic, I'm sticking with my orginal prediction from the Royal Rumble. I think the fans will get their "yes" moment at the end of the Bryan v. Triple H match, but that Batista will be holding the belt at the end of the night. Cowboy Bob Orton could even get involved in the result, as he did 30 years ago...


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