Friday, April 4, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Follow the buzzards

The most underrated match at WrestleMania XXX is the clash between John Cena and Bray Wyatt.
Cena has almost always been involved in the main event, the title match or both at the biggest show of the year, but kudos to the WWE – which has struggled creatively in recent months – for building a side story for Cena that is worth our attention.
When the Wyatt Family first appeared on the scene, I took to referring to them as the “Red Neck Shield,” but after a few months of developing the characters and sticking with their mantra, they turned into a solid faction.
Plus, all three of those guys can flat out perform in the ring, even if you just think of the other two guys as Goat Face and Brisco Darling. Dudes can wrestle, pure and simple.
Enter Cena, who is the shining light of goodness, never to be tempted by the Dark Side of Heeldom, to stop these minions of darkness – and possibly moonshine. Wyatt rips on Cena for being the too-good-to-be-true hero figure to the children of the world, which of course he is, even though the E! Network is running promos nonstop about Cena being suspected of cheating on Nikki Bella in next week’s episode of Total Divas.
Cena is a great all-time champion, but he has such a polarizing effect on WWE crowds that you never know how he will be received. The crowd was heavily pro-Harper in a recent match where Cena faced the bearded minion of the sinister family, and even though Cena is the face in this storyline, most of the marks aren’t taking the bait.
But maybe this is a different Cena, who seems to be taking this match seriously as opposed to rapping about his opponent or bantering with The Rock about Fruity Pebbles.
So who wins? Cena is 7-3 all-time at Mania, with two of those defeats being part of the same storyline (Rock vs. Cena, three times in a lifetime). The ideal situation is a brutal match that is eventually won by Wyatt, getting the budding young star over and giving Cena something to fight for.
In a perfect world, Cena will come back on Monday’s RAW and team up with a returning star like Kurt Angle or Sting to overcome the Wyatts later on.
Either way, this match could steal the show if it’s done right.


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