Monday, August 30, 2010

Epic Battle

At the top of the show, the e-mail GM created an epic match for the 900th episode of Raw-- Bret Hart versus the Undertaker-- the two men still around from the first Raw in 1993. Unfortunately, all Hart had to do was lift an eyebrow with Wade Barrett, Kane and then the rest of Nexus interfering (and Hart mysteriously disappearing).

So, let's imagine Hart was healthy enough to wrestle (because I'm thinking that's got to be why he just hung out in the corner for the brief time he was in the ring)...

There were two main moments Taker and Hart met in the ring: In Your House 13 (Feb. 1997) and SummerSlam 1997. In both instances, Hart defeated Taker, winning the WWF Championship.

(At In Your House, the title was vacant. The match was a Four Corners Elimination match also including Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hart rival- and Vader - Taker's rival. Hart and Taker were the final two in the match.)

Tonight's match would have been amazing (because even with Hart's limitations, Taker is an expert at making any match good). And maybe there could have been some interference from Kane, allowing Hart to get the upper hand he possibly wouldn't believably had gotten otherwise. (Each time the lights went out after the first time, I desperately was waiting to see the lights come on to Taker in a Sharpshooter...)

Who would have won this time around? We will never know...


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