Thursday, April 4, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Shield and The Hungry

It unofficially started off as Ryback, Sheamus and Randy Orton battling The Shield. Then, Ryback was given a big meal with Mark Henry. Because he also had run-ins with The Shield, Big Show joined the SuperFriends.

I am very concerned with Ryback's new match. Big guy versus big guy sounds awesome on paper, but too often is dull to watch. The fact that Mark Henry is the other big guy does not help. He is the world's most boring man.

The only time Henry was interesting was when he and Big Show made the ring collapse (although, in my opinion Brock's ring collapse with Show was better).

Ryback should win to further his unstoppable force.

The more interesting match could be the one Ryback was removed from. Maybe I've been watching too much TNA, but perhaps there was a reason why Big Show was placed in this match. Maybe Big Show is the "higher power" for The Shield. Maybe The Shield will win with his help.

Afterall, The Shield has been acting scared lately of this new match up. John Cena heads the SuperFriends team in dark matches against The Shield. And, Big Show comes in to help at the last moment. Oh, and Big Show is a Paul Heyman guy.

As a result, I see The Shield winning.


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