Thursday, May 8, 2014

Horror Stories

Somebody at the WWE likes their horror movies. But, which one is the best?

I'm not talking about "See No Evil" or "Occulus." I'm talking about the stories playing out in the ring.

First, in this corner, we have John Cena facing a demonic child under Bray Wyatt's influence. In the other corner, we have Kane traumatizing yet another Diva.

The kid was kinda awesome, but this story is just eh. The choir scene would have made a bigger impact if we couldn't see the kids holding the masks behind their backs as they walked to ringside. Plus, the results just seem flat. This story has its moments, but it needs, I suppose, more editing.

However, Kane's attacks are textbook, but still great, just like any good horror movie. For example, in movies the victim always runs up the stairs instead of getting out of the house. With Kane, if his music hits, and he's not coming down ramp, he's coming through the bottom of the ring. And, what did Brie do? SHE STAYS IN THE RING! Even new girl Paige knew to get out of that ring.

Then, this week, the car is brought into the building. Kane is stalking Brie and Daniel. Do they check the backseat before getting into the car? No. Who's there? Uh, Kane.

And, then, does Daniel leave Kane for dead? Why should he? Like any good horror movie victim, he goes back to check on him. What happens? Kane sits up.

This is the better story because even though we know what's going to happen, our stars do not, and we get to yell unheard directions to screen. It's classic, and that's what makes it great.


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