Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kaval is NXT

In case you weren't tuned in to Syfy, Kaval won NXT and will get a PPV match for the title of his choosing. I really could have been happy with any the final three winning NXT Season 2. Kaval has such a different, entertaining style. Alex Riley has the character part down. And, Michael McGillicutty is, well, perfect.

The only question now is does the Nexus get stronger the with finale of another NXT season? Or, could the new crop of guys be the new (and a little more fair) rival to Nexus? Or, is McGillicutty just forming his own group called Genesis?

If they do not follow in the Nexus' footsteps by forming some sort of a team, I do think all three finalists, not just the winner, will find some sort of success in the WWE. Percy Watson is an amazing athlete, and I think TPTB would be foolish not to bring him up to the big show, also. I'm also sure Husky Harris (possibly even with a new name) will end up making the leap, too.


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