Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Computer Crash

Edge did what I'm sure many of us have wanted to do ever since this mystery GM of Raw took charge in June... He destroyed the computer.

The computer GM reached new levels of ridiculousness last night when it was a guest on The Cutting Edge, speaking with it's own disguised voice via computer, rather than Michael Cole's reading the computer. It gave Cena-like comebacks, then gave Edge a match with none other than John Cena himself.

After losing the match (after first thinking he had won the match, then suffering from the GM interrupting his celebration to restart the match), Edge got "crazy eyes," as the computer said, and proceeded to damage it. The computer even let out a wail as it lay powerless (as in the impact turned the machine off) on the floor.

As I said, this was a new level. A few times in the past, as Cole would read the "messages" from the GM, the camera would shoot from Cole's back, allowing us to see Cole was reading a Word document, not some sort of instant message or e-mail. It was even a lengthy Word document, presumably with the entire script for the night...

I'm sure next week the computer (or a shiny new one) will be back. Perhaps it will even be a new one with a Band-aid on it to go along with how ridiculous this whole thing has become. What I really hope is we get the mystery part of this storyline over with soon... I mean, we're even allegedly finding out who Abyss' "they" are at Bound for Glory on Oct. 10...


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