Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More from WWE champ, The Miz

Trentonian sports editor Matthew Osborne chatted with WWE champion The Miz on Wednesday, and here are a few extra tidbits from the champ’s interview in advance of his appearance in Trenton on Friday night at the Sun National Bank Center.
• Miz said people frequently ask him what he and the other wrestlers like to do when they come to a particular town. With the frantic travel schedule, they don’t get to do much.
“We literally land, we find a gym, then we look for an Applebees or somewhere to get some food,” The Miz said. “Then we get to the arena, and after the show, we’re off to someplace else. So, whatever gym you’ve got, I can’t wait to see it.”
• The Miz is a big fan of hair metal bands from the 1980’s — Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, to name a few — and he also recently attended a concert to see former WWE champion Chris Jericho’s band, Fozzy.
As for Jersey’s music legends, it’s clear where his loyalties lie.
“I love Bon Jovi, but I’ve never been a big Bruce Springsteen fan, which may upset some people, but whatever,” he said.
• The Miz is the champion of more than just the WWE. He dominated the company’s fantasy football league this year, dominating United States champion Kofi Kingston in the two-week final.
Miz also defeated 99.7 percent of players on, with his team that included Week 1 pickup Arian Foster of Houston.
He also traded Donald Driver for Mike Vick before Week 2, a move that gave him the best quarterback to go along with the best running back in the league.
Miz’s stellar lineup included stalwarts LeGarrette Blount, Andre Johnson and the Steelers’ defense as well.
And in Week 17, with Vick out of action, The Miz called on rookie Tim Tebow to quarterback his team to the title.
“I dominated so much that I could have played just one of the two Super Bowl weeks and still beaten Kofi,” Miz said.
• The Miz mentors Alex Riley on Raw, but when he was breaking into the WWE, he learned from some of the top stars.

“Al Snow and Bill DeMott put their heart and soul into training me. John Cena was one guy who taught me a lot just by me being in the ring with him,” Miz said. “He showed me what I had to do to be in main events. Shawn Michaels also took me under his wing for a while as well.”
• The Miz has every intention of being the WWE champion heading to WrestleMania.
“If you’re in this business, it’s your dream to headline WrestleMania. I’m undefeated at Mania, I’m 1-0, so I’m going after the Undertaker’s streak!”
As for who he faces, as The Rock would say, it doesn’t matter ...
“I’m going to beat whoever it is no matter what.”

Tomorrow, we hope to talk with Nikki Bella, and we’ll have more on this show on Friday night when it’s all over.

WWE Raw Live comes to the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton on Friday, Jan. 21. Great seats are still available and start as low as $15. For tickets visit, call 800-298-4200, or visit the Sun National Bank Center box office.


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