Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whatcha gonna do, brother, when I say "I do?"

No, I'm not referring to the made-for-TV wedding of Goldust and Aksana. Hulk Hogan wed Jennifer McDaniels in a beach ceremony yesterday, but just because a wrestling ring wasn't involved, doesn't mean it didn't have the makings of an in-ring wedding.
During the wedding held at Hogan's Clearwater, Fla., beach house, a photographer was asked to leave. The photographer allegedly said he had a gun and put his arm to an employee's throat (clothesline?). This, of course, resulted in a brawl breaking out.
The police were called, but no charges were pressed.
I'm sorry, but wouldn't a professional wrestler's wedding be the last place you'd want to start something at? By the way, the photographer, was taking video.

Check it out here on TMZ.


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