Friday, October 1, 2010

Moving Day

If the constant advertising wasn't enough to convince you to make the move to Syfy tonight for Smackdown, the WWE unleashed possibly it's biggest SD moment last week: the return of Paul Bearer, urn included.

The last time we saw Bearer he was buried in cement at the 2004 Great American Bash. We assumed he suffocated, but in reality (okay, in reality, Bearer wasn't even there and it was all videotaped earlier, but you know what I mean) the audience saw him escape, and the following SD revealed he was severely injured.

Speaking of injuries, Christain was injured last week but SD's hottest new star, Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio is the shot SD needed, and dare I say, ever since he's arrived, SD has been the better show.

(Of course, TPTB at the WWE don't think the SD viewership is all that great since last week they advertised John Cena and the Nexus to show this week, four days before Cena/Nexus decided on Raw to show up on SD...)

Hopefully, SD is not injured by the move from local broadcast to cable. One of SD's advantages has been that anyone, no matter what kind or level of television service they had, could access it. One positive from the move is SD will no longer be postponed by Yankees or Phillies games, depending on your viewing area.

If you're not sure if you have Syfy, check now. From my research, Syfy can be found on channel 244 for DirecTV, 122 for Dish Network, and it seems to vary on the cable providers in the area (and even shows up as "SciFi" still in the listing sometimes). If you normally tape SD, be sure to check your settings so you still tape the show.

By the way, NXT will no longer be on Syfy as a result of SD's move. It will now be "aired" on


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