Monday, November 22, 2010

You Can't See Cena?

"And if tomorrow is my last day. So be it. At least i will be able to live with myself. I think the match will be very good either way."

John Cena tweeted those words last night before Survivor Series began. Today is his last day.

Okay, well, let's not get too sappy. We all know something will happen so he is reinstated tonight, he is on Smackdown Friday or he makes some grand return at the Royal Rumble. (of course, it's been almost 3 years since his last Royal Rumble return...)

Whether you like him or not, Cena is a big moneymaker for the WWE and kids love him. I guess he's this generation's Hulk Hogan.

Unfortunately, he also went from being quite an entertaining performer to, well, stale. This Nexus storyline was only interesting because he finally had an enemy. It doesn't make someone an interesting character if all they care about is getting their hands on the belt, and somehow turning every PPV main event into a Triple Threat match. It just makes you greedy and pretentious.

Hopefully, Cena does take a break for a little bit -- possibly to focus on filming another movie which will be on DVD a month after it is released in theaters, although, I've seen no mention of that possibility -- and he works on evolving his character. Maybe he could even take a look at the old John Cena on his newly released "Experience" DVD and and bring some of what made him great back.

One thing is for certain, if a comeback is in his future, he will most certainly have an enemy in Wade Barrett.


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