Monday, November 15, 2010

Putting the "F" back

When you think about the WWF days, you think of Mean Gene, Roddy Piper and some other guy reminding you to say your prayers and eat your vitamins... Well, as the WWE prepares to go old school tonight, I can tell you two of those memories should make their way to the ring.

Also expected are Mae Young, The Iron Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, and the usual backstage suspects like Sgt. Slaughter.

With all the kids of our 80's favorites now wrestling, it would be nice to see a father/son match of some sort, or even a father/daughter match (yeah, did I mention Snuka should be there?).

I would also like to see Vince doing a little announcing. (Jerry Lawler, by the way, is healthy and returning tonight.)

Not sure if this means anything, but a certain "rattlesnake" tweeted earlier today something about "taking off."

Another favorite I'm not sure about was assisting buddy Triple H promote the sale of WrestleMania tickets in Atlanta last week, so he could be a possibility. By the way, The Rockers are in the promo video for tonight's Raw...

Don't forget, Raw does start an hour earlier tonight, as it is a three-hour special.


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