Wednesday, November 3, 2010

McMahon for President?

If you haven't heard, Linda McMahon was not elected Senator for Connecticut. The McMahons made light of her run Monday night, knowing she was one of the Republicans nobody was banking on winning. Vince (wearing a hospital gown) even pondered a run for President for himself.

In the spirit of the McMahons' humor, I have one thing that has bothered me that I can say now that the election over. Linda's opponent found all sorts of good in-character footage to make her look bad to the voters, but there is one thing that was never brought up...

Just over 10 years ago, Linda got revenge on her husband by teaming with Stephanie to sell their shares of the company to Stone Cold Steve Austin and made him CEO!

So, if she were to get mad at, oh, say John McCain, what would she do? Give her seat away to Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin?

Is this the kind of person you want making decisions for our country?

Vince as President, though...


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