Thursday, October 14, 2010

TNA needs Jersey?

After their biggest show of year, what does TNA have planned for tonight? Yup, the real J-Woww beating up Cookie, a Snooki look-a-like.

If you're thinking J-who?, let me explain. J-Woww is the nickname for Jenni Farley. Farley is a guidette from Long Island on MTV's "The Jersey Shore." Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, is also on this show. I attempted to watch this alleged hit show, but couldn't stand more than 5 minutes.

Apparently, TNA is trying to boost viewership again. I mean, I keep seeing that The Situation (another Jersey Shore castmate) still isn't eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars," so I guess that means these Bennys have fans who will watch whatever they do.

According to reports, Farley was paid $15,000 for the appearance on tonight's show, and there's a possibility it may not be her last.


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