Thursday, January 20, 2011

TNA fires at Triple H (a week late)

I was out of pocket for a bit, so I just had a chance to review the tape of Impact from last week. Sorry I'm behind the curve on this, but Ken Anderson's title celebratory speech had a pretty fascinating barb in it.

For anyone who missed it, Mr. Anderson basically said that Triple H tanked his career in the WWE. He did not say the name of the Cerebral Assassin, but he said that "a little birdie" got in the boss' ear and told them Anderson wasn't championship material.

The voice was a dead-on impression of Triple H. So, take from that what you will. Just thought it was worth noting for anyone who missed it. Video below.

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Also from that TNA show, just in time for tonight's episode:
* Karen Angle's alleged tell-all is set for tonight. Even though I am well aware that it's a show, this whole Jeff-Karen-Kurt thing is awkward due to the fact that it's probably pretty awkward in real life, too.
* Matt Hardy, you are about 13 years too late to join Raven's Flock, so do something with the hair. Sick Boy is offended.
* Will Eric Young give the real title belt back to Mr. Anderson? The one he's carrying around only looks good on Jeff Hardy, and even that is a stretch.

There is your week-late Impact update. More on tonight's show sooner than next Thursday.


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