Friday, November 20, 2009

Where's Hogan?

It has been three weeks since the Hogan announcement was made, yet all we've seen of Hogan on TNA is clips from his press conferences and talk from TNA superstars. So, if Hogan is going to make TNA the fastest growing wrestling promotion, where is he?

Well, he is promoting himself, of course. In fact, the timing of this deal with TNA probably had something to do with his new book. (Kinda like I'm sure the timing of the WWE making a DVD with previously unreleased footage of "Hogan in his prime" wasn't and accident, either.) He has been in Australia promoting his autobiography, My Life Outside the Ring. And, he hasn't been alone...

On Impact this week, Kevin Nash mentioned Hogan wasn't coming to TNA alone. Now, that could mean a reformation of the NWO, but I think Vince McMahon has the rights to that name. It could also be the rumor that Ric Flair is coming to TNA.

Flair is in Australia with Hogan (as is Kato, I mean, Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs), and at a staged press conference on Tuesday, the two got into a fight, involving blood pouring from a, um, cut on Hogan's forehead. They were promoting a wrestling event...

I'm not exactly sure when Hogan is coming back from the Outback, but it probably won't be before the end of the month since the Wentworth Courier reports he is scheduled for an event on Nov. 28.

So far, this deal seems to be great for promoting Hogan, but considering many TNA fans don't like the young talent which made TNA a success being pushed aside by older acquired stars, those 24-inch pythons better make their way to the hexagon before the the TNA angle gets stale for those tuning in to see Hogan.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noble retires

Sheamus vowed to end Jamie Noble's career last week, sending him out of the ring on a stretcher. After 7 years with the WWE, Noble retired Tuesday shortly after being released from the hospital.

"Luckily, the doctors tell me I'm going to recover again." Noble told "But I'm laying here thinkin' about how great my life is with my wife and my son. I'm thinkin', how many more times am I gonna be lucky enough to walk out of the hospital on my own?"

Noble is a former Cruiserweight Champion. He has suffered a few injuries to his neck through his career, including one in February which also sent him to the hospital.