Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Road Again...

As we embark on the "Road to Wrestlemania," I would like to give you my predictions ideas, and dreams for the big show.

First, allow me to introduce you to the 24 Rumble participants already announced, especially those who have no shot at the ticket...

The Rookies
Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne will be participating in the Royal Rumble for the first time this year. I think the only rookie who won was Jim Duggan, the first winner of the Royal Rumble. Enough said.

The Big Guys
The big guys are the ones so huge, that when they enter the ring, all the other men look at each and agree they must combine their strength if anyone other than the big guy is going to win. This year there are three big guys in Mark Henry, The Great Khali and the Big Show. With five Rumbles under his belt, Mark Henry will once again be going over the top rope. Khali has only been in three Rumbles, and, well, he may have a surprise shot, but he likely will not. In his sixth year, the Big Show will also have no shot because, well, he's boring as a main event. Yokozuna is the only big guy to win the Royal Rumble (1993), but then again, he also was 27th entrant that year.

The Susan Lucci
Yes, I made this reference last year, and I still love it. Kane is the Susan Lucci (Erica Kane on All My Children, get it?) of the Royal Rumble. This will be his 12th consecutive year in the event, and Lucci didn't win her Emmy until she had been nominated 18 consecutive times, so I'd say the Big Red Machine has about six more years until he wins...

The Distractions
There are then those guys who really put on a good show in the Rumble, make it thrilling, make you think they could possibly win, and then Triple H or John Cena throws them over the top rope when the match needs to start ending. The stars of the Rumble this year will be Shelton Benjamin (8th year), MVP (3nd year), and The Hurricane (4rd year).

The Forgotten
So, Kane needs a few guys to toss out of the ring. These guys, when Michael Cole announces was just tossed out, will be the ones who make you say, "Wow, that's who that was." The reason you say this is because the ring gets so crowded, it gets hard to tell who is where, even on a big screen TV. That's why we have Kane. Our forgotten few will be CM Punk (4rd year), The Miz (3nd year), Carlito (5th year) and William Regal (3rd year).

Yup, gotta give him his own category. The man has the record for the shortest time in a Rumble match at 1.9 seconds. He thinks he'll win it this year. Dude, Triple H thinks he'll win it this year, too. Good luck.

The Teams
Legacy- Okay, I'll go out on a limb and say it's possible one of these guys will win, Orton will win, and then we have Orton v. 1/2 Legacy at Wrestlemania. I think it will make for a great storyline, and it's one they've been building up for a while. But, which one is worthy? I just don't know. And, that's probably why it won't happen.
Hart Dynasty- Neither DH Smith or Tyson Kidd are in the match yet, but there is a good chance they will be considering how many of their relatives have participated. However, has a Hart ever won?
DX- You can argue both guys have a shot. Triple H won the longest Rumble match in 2002. Shawn Michaels won the shortest 30-man Rumble match in 1995, oh, and was the #1 entrant. Michaels also won the 1996 Rumble and is one of only 3 men to win Rumbles back-to-back. Here is why both won't be adding any more wins this year:
- There is no way Michaels and Taker can top what they did last year. They cannot have a rematch without topping last year's spectacular.
- DX will be defending the Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania.

The Real Contenders
- John Cena (2008 winner) basically has to be in a main event match because he is the golden child of the WWE. Cena's problem is he never really gets involved with anyone-- he's just after whomever has the belt. This is why it's so hard for the writers to legitimately get him into a main event match and why we end up with Triple threat matches. So, winning the Royal Rumble will solve that problem for the writers.
- Batista (2005 winner) is an interesting choice because either Taker or Rey Mysterio could win the title match, and we'd have a good match-up for Wrestlemania. If neither Batista or Rey win Sunday night, you can bet they will be meeting each other at Wrestlemania.
- Jericho has been in five Royal Rumble matches and has never won. However, Jericho is sly, and does usually end up surviving quite a while because of his ability to make the other competitors forget he is there. Jericho is also something different while being someone with experience to be in a Wrestlemania Main Event. Plus, Jericho, even though he has been banished from Raw several times, could use this as a new in to Raw, and challenge Sheamus or Orton.
- Kofi Kingston will only win if Randy Orton wins. I think Wrestlemania needs someone new at the main event and needs that person to win, and I think Kofi Kingston will be leaving Arizona a very happy man.

On Superstars, Chris Masters earned a spot in the Rumble and R. Truth announced to Chris Jericho he was in it. Matt Hardy also appears to be added to the list. None of these three are winning. One person who doesn't have a spot yet is John Morrison, who has been in the match for the past four years, and really has been the star of the match. Not only would I love to see Morrison in the match again, but I would love to him win for the same reasons I think Kofi should win.

Dark Horse
There's almost always one surprise entrant-- someone coming back from injury, some old-timer, you-know, something. Well, did you know that Bret Hart was the first ever entrant to the Royal Rumble back in 1988. Wouldn't it be awesome if he was the 30th entrant Sunday night? And he wins! And then, instead of going for a title, he goes for Vince! And then, there's chaos over who gets to be the #1 contenders for all the belts! Yup, it's a dream which probably won't come true, but isn't it an awesome dream?
(In case you missed Impact, Kurt Angle is not going anywhere. In fact, Earl Hebner, and nobody else, screwed both Angle and Hart for the money...)

And, drum roll please, my card for Wrestlemania:
Randy Orton v. Kofi Kingston (Rumble Winner)
Undertaker v. Batista
Vince McMahon v. Bret Hart (yeah, it's going to happen anyway)
Christian v. random ECW guy (seriously, their roster is really light)
DX v. The Hart Dynasty
Miz v. MVP

(and maybe they'll find something for John Cena to do... maybe they'll find another WWE films movie he just has to film in Vancouver that weekend...)


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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hulk screwed Kurt?

TNA was a wild scene Thursday, with a re-enactment of the famous Montreal Screwjob of Bret Hart.

Rumors flew on the Internet yesterday that Kurt Angle, who played the role of Hart in the faux drama, was actually quitting TNA to either go to the WWE or focus on movies full time. He was “screwed” out of his title shot by A.J. Styles and Earl Hebner (yes Hebner was the ref in the Hart match, too), and he even spit on Hulk “Vince McMahon” Hogan at the end for punctuation.

Angle also trashed the set out of anger, much like Hart did, but the whole thing was so framed that it was obviously a slap in the face to the WWE. The lingering question is whether Angle will really quit at all, and if he does, whether he will be entrant No. 30 in the Royal Rumble on Jan. 31. (You never know.) In truth, TNA has too many guys to really give everyone a good storyline … where have I heard that before? Um, try WCW.

(Again I say, where is Disco Inferno when you need him? Someone will have to feud with Brian Kendrick.)

As for the nWo guys, X-Pac and Scott Hall were their usual wasted selves, and they were “kicked out” of TNA by former comrade Hogan. Pac and Hall told Kevin Nash to “fix this,” so it will be interesting if the two were brought back just for the big debut or if they have a future on the show. My guess is the latter in some fashion. Lucky us.

Then we have the bloodied Eric Bischoff at the end of IMPACT, telling us that Mick Foley is fired. Interesting. Since we did not see the attack take place, I think there is a chance that Foley was “framed” in some way, shape or form.

That’s all for now, until the Killer Bees or Bushwhackers show up in TNA…

Mr. Anderson times two

TNA star Mr. Anderson (formerly Mr. Kennedy) has added an appearance at the Brick Elks Lodge on Saturday, Jan. 30 to go along with his Jan. 29 show in Manville.

Also, the Manville show has added TNA Knockout superstar Angelina Love, so that is a big treat for fans of the Beautiful People.

In a weird quirk, The Patriot will wrestle on Friday night at Manville, and Salvatore Sincere will make an appearance in Brick on Saturday. A little bird named Wikipedia tells us that these characters are the same man, so it is a good chance to see one of the best local wrestlers in action in both his personas.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who's Next?

TNA revealed they have yet another card up their sleeve, announcing another superstar, who would immediately be a title contender, would be "unveiled" and making his debut at Genesis tomorrow.

Which immediately made wonder, who else could TNA have acquired?

Mr. Kennedy was my first wish, but if you saw my previous post, you would assume it doesn't appear to be him. However, TNA-contracted wrestlers do still work shows like NWS, so it is possible. Want more evidence it could be him? He just happened to be working a little show in Australia a couple months ago called the Hulkamania tour which also featured people like Ric Flair, Val Venis and some guy named Hulk Hogan...

Another guess would be another neighbor of Hulk Hogan's (you know, most of the guys who "came" with Hogan to TNA live in the Tampa/St. Pete area)Edge, who, by the way, would also be a guess of mine as a surprise entrant to the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, Edge tore his Achilles tendon in July, and he would be lucky if he could flex his foot right now, much less enter a ring of any sides.

So, basically, all I've got is Mr. Kennedy. Have you got any better ideas?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Misssssssttttterrrrrr ....

Ken Anderson (aka Mr. Kennedy) will be making his National Wrestling Superstars debut on Jan. 29 at the Manville VFW Hall (600 Washington Avenue, Manville NJ).

Kennedy, as we will call him for the duration of this post, is making his first appearance in Central Jersey. He has not been heard from since the infamous Lakers-Nuggets 10-man match on Raw last spring. Kennedy got the pin in that match, then vanished from televised wrestling.

The Patriot will team with an unknown partner against the Nigerian Nightmares that night as well. The Nightmares are quite the characters if you have not seen them live.

Last but not least, there will be a Coffins-Tables-and-Doors match. Never seen one of those, but that sounds like fun.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 732-888-1704.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Full of Surprises

"Well, I guess Hell froze over," an aged Bret Hart announced as he opened Raw Monday night. The Hitman making his return to a WWE ring was a shock, even though it was announced last week, because with all the history, it was just something you weren't really going to believe until you saw it.

This was the most amazing night in the wrestling business, and Bret Hart was just part of it.

TNA Impact started an hour before Raw, and Hulk Hogan certainly did not come alone. Surprise appearances were:
- Jeff Hardy
- Ric Flair (although I did predict this one)
- Scott Hall (Razor Ramon)
- Sean Waltman (X-Pac)
- Val Venis
- The Nasty Boys
- Orlando Jones
- Shannon Moore
- and the return of Sting

Raw's surprises included an admission from Shawn Michaels - to Hart's face - that he was involved in the plot against Hart in Montreal in 1997.

"There's a part of me that doesn't regret a bit of it," Michaels said before saying a lot has changed since then. The two decided to make up (or make out, as Triple H said it) and put the past behind them.

Hart then called out Vince McMahon, but McMahon later said he did not come out because he did not hear Hart because he was in a meeting. I have a feeling this meeting involved him watching Hulk Hogan, who was in the ring at the same time on Impact...

Hogan, along with Eric Bischoff, told the TNA team that everyone would have to earn their position in the company, including buddies like Kevin Nash and executives like Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley.

Even though TNA certainly made an impact, one thing got to me-- for a company talking so much about changing the industry, they sure did recycle a lot of WWE's former talent, most of of whom are in their 40's and 50's, to make that impact.

By the way, in case you missed it, John Cena was at neither show because he was in Tempe, Arizona, to do the coin toss for the Fiesta Bowl. Yes, I love my DVR.

Oh, and who was the winner tonight? Universal Studios Florida. The high there today was 52 degrees, but it felt like the 40's most of the day. Not many people are going to hang out at a theme park in that type of weather, especially on a Monday. But, everyone in attendance at TNA had to buy a ticket to get into Universal Studios to see the show, and I have a feeling there were many who did not get a seat...