Monday, November 22, 2010

You Can't See Cena?

"And if tomorrow is my last day. So be it. At least i will be able to live with myself. I think the match will be very good either way."

John Cena tweeted those words last night before Survivor Series began. Today is his last day.

Okay, well, let's not get too sappy. We all know something will happen so he is reinstated tonight, he is on Smackdown Friday or he makes some grand return at the Royal Rumble. (of course, it's been almost 3 years since his last Royal Rumble return...)

Whether you like him or not, Cena is a big moneymaker for the WWE and kids love him. I guess he's this generation's Hulk Hogan.

Unfortunately, he also went from being quite an entertaining performer to, well, stale. This Nexus storyline was only interesting because he finally had an enemy. It doesn't make someone an interesting character if all they care about is getting their hands on the belt, and somehow turning every PPV main event into a Triple Threat match. It just makes you greedy and pretentious.

Hopefully, Cena does take a break for a little bit -- possibly to focus on filming another movie which will be on DVD a month after it is released in theaters, although, I've seen no mention of that possibility -- and he works on evolving his character. Maybe he could even take a look at the old John Cena on his newly released "Experience" DVD and and bring some of what made him great back.

One thing is for certain, if a comeback is in his future, he will most certainly have an enemy in Wade Barrett.


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Putting the "F" back

When you think about the WWF days, you think of Mean Gene, Roddy Piper and some other guy reminding you to say your prayers and eat your vitamins... Well, as the WWE prepares to go old school tonight, I can tell you two of those memories should make their way to the ring.

Also expected are Mae Young, The Iron Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, and the usual backstage suspects like Sgt. Slaughter.

With all the kids of our 80's favorites now wrestling, it would be nice to see a father/son match of some sort, or even a father/daughter match (yeah, did I mention Snuka should be there?).

I would also like to see Vince doing a little announcing. (Jerry Lawler, by the way, is healthy and returning tonight.)

Not sure if this means anything, but a certain "rattlesnake" tweeted earlier today something about "taking off."

Another favorite I'm not sure about was assisting buddy Triple H promote the sale of WrestleMania tickets in Atlanta last week, so he could be a possibility. By the way, The Rockers are in the promo video for tonight's Raw...

Don't forget, Raw does start an hour earlier tonight, as it is a three-hour special.


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Bells for Hogan

Hulk Hogan is ready to make it official with fiance Jennifer McDaniel- he applied for a marriage license today in Florida. There's no word on when the 57-year-old Hogan will marry 35-year-old McDaniel, but the license does expire Jan. 11.

There's also no word on whether TNA will try to get more guests-- or hits-- than WWE's most recent "wedding" which was aired on the Internet last week.

According to Internet reports, Hogan's medical issues over the Labor Day weekend inspired the wrestling legend to get his second marriage started sooner than later.

Hogan's 20-year-old son, Nick, reportedly will be the best man.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

McMahon for President?

If you haven't heard, Linda McMahon was not elected Senator for Connecticut. The McMahons made light of her run Monday night, knowing she was one of the Republicans nobody was banking on winning. Vince (wearing a hospital gown) even pondered a run for President for himself.

In the spirit of the McMahons' humor, I have one thing that has bothered me that I can say now that the election over. Linda's opponent found all sorts of good in-character footage to make her look bad to the voters, but there is one thing that was never brought up...

Just over 10 years ago, Linda got revenge on her husband by teaming with Stephanie to sell their shares of the company to Stone Cold Steve Austin and made him CEO!

So, if she were to get mad at, oh, say John McCain, what would she do? Give her seat away to Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin?

Is this the kind of person you want making decisions for our country?

Vince as President, though...