Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swagger Found Guilty

Have you been wondering where Jack Swagger is lately? Well, not only has he been nursing an injured tendon, but he's been dealing with his legal troubles from February.

Today, he was found guilty of DUI and speeding, according to the Sun Herald of Gulfport, Miss. A possession charge was dismissed by the judge.

Swagger was given six months probation and a $500 fine. His attorney plans to appeal the decision.

You may recall Swagger was just gaining momentum in his new character and had won the opportunity to be the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania when he was pulled over for speeding not long after a performance on SmackDown. Read more about the arrest here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Family Business

The children of three of our favorites from our youth (or, perhaps, just my youth, depending on your age..) have been featured lately on professional wrestling programs. As I believe I have mentioned in the past, I love seeing the kids (I say "kids" even though at least one is about my age) because even if their personality is completely different from their father's, it's still a continuation of the story I've been watching throughout my life.

The biggest deal came with Stephanie McMahon returning this week. Since her first tweet a couple of months ago, fans have been begging her to return onscreen. And, being able to see both her and Brooke Hogan perform in the same week, it's clear to see why. Granted, Brooke is much younger and is fairly new to this.

Where Stephanie wins is in her ability to express herself as a business woman. Both told great stories with their expressions and actions involving their fathers and husbands. My dream is to see some sort of battle between WWE and TNA that can only be solved with a match between Stephanie and Brooke. Both are certainly naturally talented in the ring, and it could be an epic match.

The third kid intriguing me is Curtis Axel. I'll admit, I was surprised when he was introduced as the new Paul Heyman guy, but, then again, I really didn't know who to expect. I was a little put off when Heyman felt the need to explain who he was and what his name meant and his music. I think most of us knew all that, and it was information the announce team could have easily slipped into commentary or could have been some sort of extra on the WWE App for those who may not have vivid memories of Mr. Perfect.

In any case, I'm happy for him. I'd be happy for any of the kids- whether it was Ted DiBiase, Natalya or even The Usos- being placed in Heyman's expert hands. Unfortunately, I am concerned about the fact he hasn't had a clear win yet. I'd prefer him getting garbage wins to prove himself than what he's been getting. I am scared he is being set up to be Heyman's first failure, something I do not want to see happen to the Hennig legacy.