Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year of Extremes

Probably the most memorable moments of 2010 were extreme matches. Unfortunately, it was also the year in which we saw the official death of ECW...

March-- Hulk Hogan and Abyss v. Ric Flair and AJ Styles was a far better match featuring guys who are or could be grandpas than the Vince McMahon v. Bret Hart match we saw later on in the month. Both Hogan and Flair had a classic match, both bloodied, and used the younger guys as appropriate buffers.

July-- Amazing was the only thing going through my mind when Randy Orton RKO'd Evan Bourne in mid-air.

August-- At Hardcore Justice, TNA's tribute to the wrestlers who were the ECW originals, one of the best matches was the South Philly Street in which Team 3D defeated Kahoneys (Balls Mahoney) and Axl Rotten by putting Kahoneys through a flaming table.

The other memorable match (although at times disturbing, considering some parts were happening directly in front of Tommy's family) from the night goes to the organizer, Tommy Dreamer, and his brutal match against Raven.

December-- I will always remember the image of Jimmy Superfly Snuka leaping off the top of the cage and now I will always remember Mickie James and her leap off the top of the cage:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whatcha gonna do, brother, when I say "I do?"

No, I'm not referring to the made-for-TV wedding of Goldust and Aksana. Hulk Hogan wed Jennifer McDaniels in a beach ceremony yesterday, but just because a wrestling ring wasn't involved, doesn't mean it didn't have the makings of an in-ring wedding.
During the wedding held at Hogan's Clearwater, Fla., beach house, a photographer was asked to leave. The photographer allegedly said he had a gun and put his arm to an employee's throat (clothesline?). This, of course, resulted in a brawl breaking out.
The police were called, but no charges were pressed.
I'm sorry, but wouldn't a professional wrestler's wedding be the last place you'd want to start something at? By the way, the photographer, was taking video.

Check it out here on TMZ.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Match of the Year?

Mickie F'n James.

Yes, I've renamed her. If you saw her in the Steel Cage match last night on TNA Impact, you know why.

In case you didn't see it, Mickie and Tara (Victoria in WWE) were the main event in a Steel Cage match. That's right, Knockouts in a Steel Cage. Then, as if that wasn't history-making, Mickie finished Tara by climbing to the top of the cage, standing on it as if it was the top rope, and hits a Thesz Press on Tara.

Amazing. Mickie F'n James.

Granted, neither face was covered in blood, but Tara did suffer a torn ligament in her elbow. And, according to Dixie Carter, Tara was injured 2/3 through the match and continued to compete.

Mickie and Tara may have performed the match of the year last night (or Tuesday, since it's taped). It lived up to the main event status, and is the only match I'm remembering from the past year at this point and time...

( does have recap, video and photos from match)