Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did CM Punk go too far?

That's the question everyone's been asking since Raw abruptly went off the air Monday night.

That, and was it real or scripted?

Well, I can tell you it was most definitely scripted. However, the scripts are many times based upon real life...

If the powers that be were upset over Punk's actions, I doubt their would have been so many "updates" from WWE's social media and web sites throughout the day on Tuesday. Usually when a Superstar does wrong, if WWE makes any acknowledgement, it's brief, and then WWE distracts us with something else.

Oh, that and they taped their July 4th Raw shortly after this week's Raw ended, and "developments" were made, including the show opening with John Cena discussing the matter. (Hopefully that wasn't too spoilery for you... if you want to know details, you can easily search online for the play-by-play.)

So, did he go too far? I think that was the point of his monologue.

The thing is CM Punk did his job. His promo work usually is fast-forward material (even though he was outstanding as an announcer), but his work Monday night got people talking.

He took Raw from its doldrums to something people want to watch again. As I believe Jim Ross said sometime this week, it was return to the Attitude Era.

Hopefully, Punk can keep it up and will stay with the WWE after July 17, or inspire others to follow in his footsteps, so this new era of attitude can save our fast-forward buttons...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HBK makes television return

What will Shawn Michaels be doing next week on Raw?

He will be selling his new product to us, of course, but this one won't be found on

Michaels will be starring in a new hunting show on Outdoor Channel called Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures.

Alongside MacMillan River Adventures camp owner and friend Keith Mark, Michaels will travel the world hunting big game.

The first episode will air Tuesday, June 28 (yup, the day after his Raw appearance) at 11:30 p.m.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Will the real President please stand up?

As if all the horrible press conference promos weren't bad enough, WWE's Capitol Punishment gave us a fake Barack Obama. In fact, they gave us a fake Barack Obama who tweets.

WWE's Barack Obama, @WWEPresident, first tweeted, "I'll be tweeting at #WWECapPun all night long. Being POTUS has it's perks. @SecretService already has their eyes peeled for R-Truth."

The tweets -- 26 of them-- continued through the night, a couple with photos and a few as retweets.

Interestingly, yesterday was also the day the real Barack Obama officially tweeted himself the first time. Previously, all tweets from his account were written by a staff member. Now, any tweet the President tweets himself will be signed "BO".

(FYI-- Hulk Hogan also signs all of his tweets with his initials. Both men have made entrances to the "Real American" song.)

Unfortunately, the real President, @BarackObama, didn't have anything to say about the Pay-Per-View occurring not far from his residence.

He tweeted, "Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. -BO".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Social media hype?

Have you seen the Ultimate Warrior's video bashing Hulk Hogan yet? If you haven't watch it now:

Okay, my assessment is either Warrior (his legal name, by the way, in case you missed that news during the time it was rumored he was dead...) is hyping a rivalry with Hogan for TNA, or he is using Hogan to hype whatever other television return he is referring to.

If this is for TNA, would Hogan really allow these allegations to be made about him? Why not? I mean, it is over the top enough to be believable as fiction, and really, it isn't that far off from the Angle/Jarrett storyline.

Plus, Hulkamania is so wild that the fans will stick behind Hogan no matter what is said about him, and he's been around long enough that he knows that.

On Hogan's Twitter and Facebook, Hogan does seem to be referencing the "negativity" daily, another clue he may be in on it.

However, if Warrior is just using Hogan (and, as a result, the death of Randy Savage), then I feel sorry for the man.

On another note of social media, the WWE have had a lot to say about Natalya and Rosa's match at the Smackdown taping Tuesday. Apparently, Rosa had a wardrobe malfunction.

I have a feeling, even though we all know we would never see anything on TV, there will be a few more viewers tonight. Unfortunately, it is my understanding the Divas' match was a dark match, but I guess it could make the air if the editing team realizes the attention it got through Twitter.