Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smackdown comes to Tuesday

As you have probably heard, Smackdown will air live Tuesday, Aug. 30 on Syfy. The show is being called "SuperSmackdown Live."

How super will it be?

Well, just in case, I guess, the episode will re-air at the usual Friday time slot.

The bigger deal is the other news that broke the same day WWE announced its Smackdown plan-- UFC is coming to Friday nights.

The Ultimate Fighter will air on Fox's FX network on Fridays as part of a deal between UFC and Fox. Not only that, but the show is being revamped, with one live fight each week.

Does this mean the WWE fears UFC more than TNA? Or was it just a coincidence?

Throughout the Internet, people are speculating Smackdown's Tuesday special is a test to see if the show would be viable on Tuesdays, if they decide to make the move before or when UFC comes to Friday nights.

While Smackdown is a heavy hitter for the Syfy network, it is still the little brother to Raw. It gets so bad, not even the announcers really seem interested in what's going on in the ring. Raw talents are appearing on the special, but would that really show the impact Smackdown can make on Tuesday nights?

No. It appears to be a facade for the WWE, and an experiment for Syfy. Syfy fears FX. Vince fears no one. (Happy Birthday, Vince!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

@WWE #bodyslams #socialmedia

Have you ever tweeted @WWE or used the hashtag #Raw? Perhaps you are ready to search the Twitterverse for #SummerSlam info tonight?

Well, you are not alone.

It appears WWE's placement of hashtags and Twitter accounts throughout Raw is working. According to social media tracker Trendrr, WWE's Raw was one of the most social shows on television for the month of July.

Out of all cable television shows, Raw was in second place, with 7% of the share of social voice. True Blood was in first with 10%. In comparison, the top broadcast show was Glee with 31%. (FYI-- looks like if they didn't separate broadcast and cable, True Blood and Raw both would have still been in the top 5 at four and five, respectively)

During any WWE broadcast, the trend list on Twitter almost always includes something from the show throughout the two the hours the show is on the air. Now, I'm also sure that whole CM Punk thing with loads of new information spreading over the Internet didn't hurt Raw's presence on the list.

According to the article posted on, the data is complied from public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Miso and Get Glue.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Demise of the Divas?

The Divas division took a hit this week with Gail Kim quitting and Melina getting future endeavored. I know, I know, some fans don't think the Divas are worth much, and lately, the powers that be have proven that they agree with the limited time Divas get on screen.

This is why Kim quit. Or, at least that is what I'm assuming from the tweet she wrote Wednesday in response to people commenting on her eliminating herself from the Divas Battle Royal Monday night:

"oh and also on the contrary, I wasn't being a mark 4 myself I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min.I just did it the fastest way possible:)so really I saved some time!"

I can't assume anything on Melina based on her tweets, but John Morrison did tweet this today:

"I’ve always believed that Melina is the most talented Diva ever employed by World Wrestling Entertainment. (not to mention the hottest!) Her face conveys emotion. Vince McMahon likes to say “Television is a feeling” and I agree with him. That’s what Sports Entertainment is all about. Melina’s presence on Television, aside from the obvious (she be sexy!) is raw emotion- joy, rage, surprise, disgust… her passion just pours out of her.

Melina’s presence on Monday Night Raw will be missed by the WWE universe… and especially by me.

I think this is the end of a chapter in the book of @RealMelina – I met Melina on my audition for Tough Enough 3, I never forgot the smile, and hug she gave me when I made the show and she got cut and told to go home. I’ve stood next to her with Joey while MNM was yelled at; told we’d never make it, we were worthless. I’ve seen her come back from 2 career threatening injuries. She is one of a kind, and talented enough to do whatever she wants. I’m proud to be her man. I love her, and will support whatever she chooses to do next.
#staystrong #thankyoumelina"

The problem is Morrison is right. Melina and Gail Kim were among the best Divas with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Yet, Kelly Kelly (who is improving, but really doesn't deserve to be champion) and Eve are getting the spotlight for, I guess, their looks. I almost didn't recognize Beth when I first saw her Monday night because it's been that long. (Another person in the room didn't recognize Melina, by the way.)

The best women wrestlers shouldn't be pushed aside. They should be out there proving to the naysayers that they are just as talented as the men.

This winter, TNA showed viewers just that by making Mickie James' and Tara's cage match the main event. That match was one of the most amazing matches I've ever seen. Not just women matches, ALL matches.

I've always seen the Divas as great role models for little girls because they are athletic, smart and beautiful, showing girls they can have all three. All the WWE is showing girls now is that they can never be as good as their male counterparts, and if they try to be, they'll be pushed aside.