Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cena v. Lesnar, Part 1?

Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE
to the joy of the fans.
(photo from Wikimedia Commons)
Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE just under a month ago, and already he is facing the face (okay, I guess former face) of the company, John Cena. You would think there would be more build to a match of this stature, perhaps let Brock prove himself with some warm-up matches with maybe another former champion or, perhaps even the current champion before making his way to this WrestleMania-, or even Summer Slam-esque match.

Here's why he's not, in my opinion.

First of all, if you think it's a one-time match, you're wrong. Just because this is an Extreme Rules match, usually one of the last types of matches guys use to settle a feud, doesn't mean it's the end for these guys. There are all kinds of matches these guys could meet in, enough to fill a year!

Now, that doesn't mean I think this will last a year. My second point is this will be what Cena needed. As Edge said, he needs to wake up. Cena more and more is just going through the motions. He has too much going on in his life, and it's wearing on him. I think they'll meet maybe a few times, Cena getting torn apart more and more each time until he disappears for a little bit- maybe a month- and comes back better than ever.

Meanwhile, Lesnar will move on to bigger and better things. After all, the face of the company should have the WWE Championship at some point during his one-year contract.

From what I've read on the Internet, someone somewhere found out that Chris Jericho's WWE contract allegedly ends before Summer Slam. It's possible this person who spread this information is dead wrong or made it up based on his own speculation, but, for our purposes, let's pretend he's right. That means his storyline with CM Punk would have to end by then, and a new contender for the WWE Championship would have to be found.

Enter Lesnar.

Now, could Lesnar hold on to the belt until WrestleMania (in NEW JERSEY, by the way, in case you just happened to forgot) and make the assumed Brock v. Rock match a title match? Well, kids, that's speculation for a future blog...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greatest Wrestling Weddings

On TNA Thursday night, ODB and Eric Young cordially invite you to, quite possibly, the event of the year. They are getting married- in the ring, of course- which means someone is likely to interupt, and something other than your ordinary wedding will be seen.

As a wedding gift of sorts, I would like to present you with my choices for best weddings in wrestling history.

-Stephanie McMahon and Test/Triple H, Nov. 1999: Stephanie and Test were in the ring for their wedding ceremony when Triple H came out and announced he had a video. In the video, Triple H took a drugged Stephanie to a Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel.

-Billy and Chuck, Sept. 2002: Stephanie was involved in this one, only as the Smackdown General Manager competing with Raw GM Eric Bischoff for the better show. She thought the gay wedding would put her over. Instead, Bischoff disguised himself as the minister and he and 3 Minute Warning crashed the wedding. Billy was also shocked to learn the wedding wasn't just a publicity stunt, and announced he wasn't gay.

- Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, Aug. 1991: I remember thinking this was a real wedding when I was little. No shenanigans. There was a reception of sorts, and I clearly remember a special slithering gift from Jake The Snake Roberts.

And, an Honorable Mention...
-Edge and Vickie Guerrerro, June 2008: Edge and Vicki got married before the show, and their reception was Smackdown. Triple H interrupted their fun with a video of Edge making out with the wedding planner, who later became Alicia Fox. (Check out Zack Ryder as an Edgehead groomsman in the video)

What do you think will happen tonight? What is your favorite wrestling wedding memory?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Chat LIVE right here

We're chatting LIVE tonight starting at 7 p.m. for WrestleMania 28. Get all the updates as they happen from the Red Mask and Trentonian sports editor Matthew Osborne, plus interact with plenty of our local wrestling fans.
Join us tonight!

SPOILER: Who else is in Miami?

We all know who is on the card, but do you know what other stars who could make some sort of impact (whether serious or humorous) at WrestleMania tonight?

But first, let me present to you the few who may be in Miami, but may not make an impact due to medical reasons:

Evan Bourne- Just like Cena, he was in a car accident. Unfortunately, Evan revealed on Twitter that he didn't exactly walk away from his accident-- his foot is broken in four spots and dislocated in five.

Michelle McCool- As Taker's wife and a Florida girl, she's bound to be in Miami. However, Vicki Guererro tweeted something that hinted Michelle is pregnant.

Christain- was injured during his match with CM Punk on Raw. There is a chance he really isn't injured and there are other plans for him, and actually, I hope that chance proves to be true.

And now, those who may make the show:

Iron Sheik- he dropped out a non-WWE event he was scheduled to be at this weekend, and has already been spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony, where he posed for a photo with Mike Tyson.

Viscera/Big Daddy V- he rescheduled an independent show appearance, allegedly because WWE booked him for something this weekend.

Roddy Piper- if you follow him on Twitter, it's no secret he's there and signing autographs at Axxess.

Paul Bearer- another tweeting about his appearance at Axxess.

Torrie Wilson- I believe WWE even promoted that Torrie would be at WrestleMania with her boyfriend, some guy known as A-Rod...

Mae Young- Who didn't think this classic Diva would be there? Natalya found her, and even got a photo of herself with Mae, which she posted on Twitter.

Zack Ryder's Dad: Okay, he really is only a star on Ryder's Z True Long Island Story web show. But, he got a Twitter account not too long ago and is in Miami, embarrassing Zack. Could he do something to distract Zack from the job at hand and play a role in Team Teddy losing?

Dave Batista- he tweeted earlier in the week that he would be in Miami to appear on behalf of St. Jude's. It seems awfully convenient that this appearance not only is in the same town at WrestleMania, but the same weekend.

Brock Lesnar- he is reportedly in Miami. He allegedly also signed a contract with the WWE. I don't know where these reports originated, but they are certainly interesting.

When I first heard Batista was in Miami, my first thought was there will be no winner in the Once in a Lifetime Rock v. Cena match because Batista will interfere. Now, that I hear both guys are there, I will be surprised if there is a decision in this match. Sure, part of me will be pissed this match was built up for over a year (remember, even though Cena's opponent was The Miz last year, Cena and The Rock seemed to promoting a match) and there is no decision, but another part of me will be thrilled the return(s) and possible partnership between Batista and Lesnar.