Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Muppets take Raw

Bret Hart wrote yesterday that he was looking forward to the Muppets on Raw next week (Oct. 31), and, frankly, I am, too.

I hope The Muppet Show theme is played after the Raw theme and introduces Kermit on the Titantron. I see Kermit running the show, much like he did on the former variety show.

There will be comedic chaos.

Everyone (including other Muppets) will be coming to the CEF (Chief Executive Frog) at once, plugging their ideas for roles in the show. A few wokka wokkas later, we'll have our first match.

I can see someone altering Gonzo's nose, and a valiant Santino coming to defend him, resulting in another match.

I can also see Michael Cole comparing the Swedish Chef to JR.

Speaking of Michael Cole, if the entire announce team is not replaced by Statler and Waldorf, I will be highly disappointed.

I'm excited to see Miss Piggy, the ultimate diva, interact with the WWE Divas. I can see Kelly Kelly getting a little too close to Kermit, leading to Miss Piggy jumping her.

And, considering wrestling is only a part of the entertainment program, why not a "Pigs in Space" segment?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hogan's back, Jack!

Last night's Bound for Glory event in Philly was off the charts, according to those folks we talked to who attended. The highlight of the crazy night was Hulk Hogan returning to his red and yellow roots to rescue Sting from an Immortal beatdown.

Sting won the match to return the company to Dixie Carter, and the Hulkster came to his aid when Eric Bischoff's goons came down to finish off The Icon.

Thursday's Impact broadcast should be quite interesting.

Velvet Sky won the Knockouts title for the first time ever, putting the titles in both major wrestling companies in the hands of the women voted sexiest in their respective brands. (Kelly Kelly is the WWE Divas champ.)

Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy did battle in between matches, and with Hardy being on the poster for the next PPV, chances are he's getting that last chance.

Kurt Angle retained the world title over Bobby Roode with a little trickery mixed in, but those in attendance said it was a heck of a showdopwn.

Chris Daniels said "I Quit" to AJ Styles, then attacked him after the match. This rivalry is not going anywhere for a while.

When you look at the whole picture, TNA had a great pay-per-view that was set up by months of building rivalries through twists and turns. Meanwhile, WWE is sending out John Cena to wrestle Alberto Del Rio for the title again. Yawn.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kurt Angle talks about Hogan vs. Sting

Kurt Angle is taking on Bobby Roode in the Main Event of TNA's Bound Glory at Temple University this Sunday, but the match everyone's talking about is Hulk Hogan vs. Sting.

It's likely to be Hogan's last match - and maybe Sting's, too - and it is the last chance to see Hulkamania in action.

Fans will be excited to see the match, but the boys in the back will be just as stoked.

Check out what TNA champ Angle had to say about the big showdown between the two icons.

“I’m elated about Hulk Hogan getting back in the ring,” Angle said. “He’s putting his body on the line for TNA, and you have to respect the guy for stepping in there with hip replacements and knee replacements. God bless him.”

“Sting is not a spring chicken either, but he’s still kind of in his prime. Hulk has his work cut out for him. Sting can still get it done. I wrestled him last pay-per-view and he is still very good. ... We haven’t seen this side of Sting before. I love the depth he has with his character and his wrestling ability at his age.”

“We’re all marking out for this match. Some people say ‘Come on, Hulk Hogan can’t go any more.’ I would pay any amount of money to see him wrestle one more match. When it comes down to it, he’s the man and he always has been.”

This is a huge match on what could be a great card. Check this space over the weekend for a preview of BFG and check for a feature article on Angle, who is training for the 2012 Olympics in between matches in TNA.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What now?

Raw ended with everyone, from Superstars to cameramen walking out on Triple H.

So, what happens now?

Will no one show up next Monday? Will Triple H air Blade Trinity on the JumboTron? Perhaps he'll choose to subject us to The Chaperone or Inside Out.

Perhaps Zack Ryder will make an appearance (as he did after Raw went off the air) and spend the evening getting Pedigree after Pedigree.

Or, perhaps with the vote of no confidence, John Laurinaitis will bring back the person he's been calling after every step he makes. The person who's really been pulling strings, or should I say lowering the cages: Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

I'm sure Vince will make himself the champion of the WWE, proving to the board he should have never lost his position.

You know, the position he never lost in reality, and, as a result had to regain fictionally at some point.