Monday, April 29, 2013

Wish Granted

Today is World Wish Day, the anniversary of the first wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So, of course WWE Champion and Make-A-Wish Ambassador John Cena had to grant a wish in a big way.

He surprised Nick Santillo, and 8-year-old from South Jersey, by appearing as Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were interviewing Nick and his family about his heart condition. Cena then invited Nick and his family to be his guests at Raw tonight in Columbus, Ohio.

When the boy revealed his wrestling name is Nick the Stitch, Cena replied, "Tonight, you're going to be a WWE Superstar with me on Raw."

To see the Today Show video, click here.
To learn more about Make-A-Wish and to do your part to grant wishes, click here.

Note: John Cena injured his Achilles tendon on the European tour last week, according to He did not miss any shows after suffering the injury, but his in-ring involvement was reportedly reduced. He did not appear to walk with a limp or show any other signs of injury on the Today Show. It has not been revealed if the injury will affect his match against Ryback at Extreme Rules on May 19.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going Fruity

I thought we could all use something fun today-- a distraction of sorts from all the bad of yesterday.

As you know, John Cena now graces boxes of Fruity Pebbles, a Post rice cereal with fruit flavors. But, did you know the cereal is gracing other food favorites now?

image Tweeted by @RitasItalianIce
Rita's Ice not only has new milkshakes available, but has included a Fruity Pebbles one. As you can see from the image the company tweeted, it is the only flavor with a cereal in it.

NYC hotspot The General has a bakery that serves up doughnuts, but instead of sprinkles, these doughnuts are decorated with cereal. A favorite according to many reviews is the Fruity Pebbles Doughnut.

Google Fruity Pebbles, and you'll find recipes to make Fruity Pebbles Treats and Fruity Pebble Granola Bars at home.

Was this interest to get Fruity Pebbles out of the bowl inspired by John Cena and the moms and kids who love him? Are there any other brands out there knocking down The Rock's door begging for the type of publicity Fruity Pebbles got?

I don't know, but as a spokesperson once said, "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

LIVE WrestleMania chat NOW

Staff Report
EAST RUTHERFORD — WrestleMania 29 is LIVE from New Jersey tonight, as the stars of the WWE take over MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL’s Giants and Jets, for the biggest spectacular of the year.
The main event features a rematch from last year’s WrestleMania between The Rock and John Cena for the WWE championship.
Former MMA champion Brock Lesnar takes on WWE legend “The Game” Triple H in a match that could mean the end of The Game’s career if he loses. Triple H's longtime tag team partner Shawn Michaels will be in his corner.
CM Punk takes on the Undertaker, who is 20-0 at WrestleMania. Also, Alberto Del Rio defends the world heavyweight title against Jack Swagger.
Follow all the action live right here starting at 6 p.m.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Champs

Sometimes lessons are taught in the stories told on professional wrestling broadcasts. Sometimes we are shown the most extreme examples to get us thinking and talking about right and wrong.

The story of Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez is one such story. Jack Swagger needs the help of a manager to be successful. His personality is the only thing holding him back. Adding Zeb and giving them a reason to go up against a man with huge personality, Alberto Del Rio, should have been gold.

Unfortunately, the story is one that seems to be fizzling just after it got hot. Is it Swagger's fault? Possibly. Can it be saved? Sure... with a title change. I think Del Rio needs to lose so his eventual victory over Swagger means more.

And, don't forget there's always the possibility of another title change, thanks to Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank contract.

Oh, and that DUI in February? It seems to have conveniently disappeared... it's possible there's more to the story than we know, making the charges not as serious as they sound.

And now, I'll admit it. I considered using my blog from last year to preview this next, and last, match. After reading it, I realized how different things are.

See, last year at this time, we were sick of this match. It was announced at WrestleMania 27, and promoted for a year with an hour-long special airing before the last Raw. We knew everything about these two guys, and anybody who didn't was probably Kathie Lee Gifford only because it had been a while since she hung out with Mega-Fan Regis Philbin.

But, this year, The Rock is the absentee Champ. He is out either promoting "Snitch" or "GI Joe." We didn't see either guy on Raw the second week in March, and on the third week, Cena faced Darren Young.

Of course, WWE needed the air time to set up all the other matches.

Although The Rock may be scheduled to appear at the next PPV (there seems to be some flip-flopping about that...) and made it clear at the press conference for WrestleMania 30 that he wanted to compete there, I think he is only around to promote his movies.

Think about it. "Fast Five" was released on April 29, 2011. "Journey 2" was released Feb. 10, 2012. "Snitch" was released Feb. 22, 2013. "GI Joe" conveniently releases the week before WrestleMania 29. He has yet another movie, "Pain & Gain" releasing April 26, as well as "Fast & Furious 6" in theaters in May.

Next year's movies are "Arabian Nights" and "Hercules." While the latter is scheduled to be in theaters just before Summer Slam, I have a feeling The Rock will be promoting his Sinbad role around WrestleMania time.

After all, Raw is the most watched and socially talked about program on Monday nights. What better way to promote a movie?

I love The Rock, but we cannot have an absentee Champ. Cena needs to get over with the male fans. The two had a spectacular match last year, but it wasn't enough to help Cena. Cena needs to win. The WWE needs Cena to win. The Rock will do his best to make Cena the man he needs to be.

Don't forget to stop by Sunday night for The Trentonian's WrestleMania Chat! We haven't decided yet if we are starting at 6 or just before 7 p.m., so stay tuned to my Facebook page for the latest information...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Shield and The Hungry

It unofficially started off as Ryback, Sheamus and Randy Orton battling The Shield. Then, Ryback was given a big meal with Mark Henry. Because he also had run-ins with The Shield, Big Show joined the SuperFriends.

I am very concerned with Ryback's new match. Big guy versus big guy sounds awesome on paper, but too often is dull to watch. The fact that Mark Henry is the other big guy does not help. He is the world's most boring man.

The only time Henry was interesting was when he and Big Show made the ring collapse (although, in my opinion Brock's ring collapse with Show was better).

Ryback should win to further his unstoppable force.

The more interesting match could be the one Ryback was removed from. Maybe I've been watching too much TNA, but perhaps there was a reason why Big Show was placed in this match. Maybe Big Show is the "higher power" for The Shield. Maybe The Shield will win with his help.

Afterall, The Shield has been acting scared lately of this new match up. John Cena heads the SuperFriends team in dark matches against The Shield. And, Big Show comes in to help at the last moment. Oh, and Big Show is a Paul Heyman guy.

As a result, I see The Shield winning.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Tags

Something happened three weeks before WrestleMania. Somebody noticed there wasn't nearly a full card yet. So, in a flurry, a Tag Team title match was created.

After Dolph Ziggler won a match against Kofi Kingston (with a little help from AJ and Big E Langston), the champs, Team Hell No came out and congratulated, then challenged Ziggler and Langston. AJ, with a smile knowing this is how she's getting her hometown WrestleMania moment, counters that the match be at WrestleMania with the titles on the line.

And there. Match set.

Yes, Ziggler did wrestle both Daniel Bryan and Kane on Raw and SmackDown, respectively, the previous week beating both, so I suppose there was some set up.

The most interesting thing about this match is it involves three men who AJ has had history with over the past year. Could AJ come full circle and help Daniel Bryan win, after costing him a win at WrestleMania last year? There are hints she still has a thing for Kane... could she end up helping Team Hell No in general, then become the catalyst for their split? Could she distract Bryan again, causing him to lose in 18 seconds, again? Or, will it be Ziggler she distracts this time? Will AJ turn into a bad luck charm for WrestleManias?

One thing's for certain- with AJ involved, anything can happen.

While I would love to see our Jersey Girl actually compete at WrestleMania in Jersey, I'm happy she'll probably make a major impact and possibly steal the show from the guys in the ring. And, if it's a short match, it leaves the window open wider for Ziggler to cash in his Money in Bank later in the night.

I like all possible scenarios, but I'll give Hell No the win because I like the possible story outcomes better.

Speaking of storylines, the Bellas came back and a new storyline was created. All of a sudden, we have a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania!

Although I'm among those who wanted a Goldust v. Cody Rhodes match at WrestleMania, this is a pretty good replacement. I like the team of Sandow and Rhodes. I like their seriousness is pittted against the ridiculousness of what is now being called Tons of Funk.

I like that Naomi is getting show her impressive skills as a wrestler. I like that it seems the Divas are heading back to the greatness they had when Trish Stratus was around.

I also kinda like that the wrestler formerly known as Albert has a match at the WrestleMania where Trish will go into the Hall of Fame.

This will be a fun match that should also show fans the Divas are coming back, since, you know, they'll stay in their seats. Unfortunately for those who like funk, I say Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas are winning.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Dance and the Pre-Show

It was bound to happen.

Chris Jericho impressed us on Dancing with the Stars in 2011. The newest season is now airing opposite Raw and Jericho is back. What better way to get those crossover fans to stay on Raw than to introduce a heel dancer wrestler to irritate Jericho?

Unfortunately, their big match will be at WrestleMania. Fandango will have his debut match on the grandest stage. He better be worth the wait.

I am happy Jericho will get to perform at WrestleMania, but I would rather he be in a match involving a celebrity-- perhaps Hines Ward, who won that season of Dancing with the Stars-- than an NXT champion with a new gimmick.

Don't get me wrong-- it's great WWE is putting so much faith in its future stars, but I would also like to see, oh, the Intercontinental Champion and the US Champion get a match at WrestleMania before someone who hasn't had a televised match in maybe a year. (I really cannot remember, which isn't exactly a good thing for this guy.)

In fact, the Intercontinental Championship match will be the "Interactive Pre-Show Match." This means, folks, you'll only get to see it if you log on to your computer or download the app. (If you don't know how to download the app, ask Michael Cole...)

Wade Barrett just doesn't do anything for me as a character. I don't see anything special that makes him stand out. The Miz, on the other hand, shows me every night that he is unique and that he is doing what he can to be better.

Their wrestling styles could make this an interesting match to watch. However, 6 p.m. is usually when I'm getting my dinner, snacks and chat together for the main show...

The Miz has had great success with Ric Flair's coaching, and I expect it to help him win the belt. I think The Miz is what the Intercontinental Championship needs to get back on the main show.

The match will air at 6 p.m. on,, and on the WWE app.