Friday, February 27, 2009

Kurt Angle in Philly

Tickets go on sale Saturday (Feb. 28) for TNA's Lockdown at Temple University on April 19, and Kurt Angle will be in Philly signing free autographs at the FYE on South Broad St. starting at 11 a.m.

For those of us who get the Philly stations, Angle was also on the news right after WWE's Smackdown. (The female anchor said we've seen him on the station-- I think she thought he was the wrestling show on their network...) Very little of the interview was actually on air, perhaps because someone higher up than the anchor knew he wasn't even part of the same company that has that wrestling show on their station. You can see the full interview at

Because he was there to promote Lockdown, Angle spent a great deal talking about the event at which every match is a Steel Cage Match.

"It is a very dangerous event," Angle said.

He then buttered up the locals, and even said "Philadelphia is one of the greatest wrestling towns in the United States." Angle put Philly in the Top 5 for their excellent crowds and enthusiastic fans. Please... is Philly really up there with Toronto, Tokyo, New York (MSG), Charlotte (or any city/small town/backyard in NC), Minneapolis and the Tampa Bay area (because most of the wrestlers either live or are from there)?

Angle also talked a little bit about winning the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and how relieved he was it was over when he won because with the Olympics, he explained, your first could be your only shot. He also talked about the differences between amatuer wrestling and professional wrestling, saying he had to "take two steps back" because "there's a whole new dimension to professional wrestling."

Tickets for Lockdown are available at Temple's Liacouras Center box office and Also on sale will be tickets for "Lockdown Fan InterAction" being held the day before the PPV at The Electric Factory. Tickets for this event, however, are available separately through Ticketmaster.

SD: Hardy Hype

I'm pretty disappointed we didn't get the Hardy match that's been promoted for a week. Jeff came out to the ring, sans make-up and wearing a plaid shirt, and told his brother he wasn't going to fight him. Matt tells him he is not his brother, and is upset because even though he is the "more talented Hardy" his career stayed mediocre while Jeff's soared.

Jeff still refuses to fight, and Matt slaps him a couple of to try to inspire him. However, Jeff keeps his cool and just walks out of the ring.

We better get that TLC match at Wrestlemania. I even have an idea for a lead-up match the week before-- Jeff and Golddust v. Matt and Cody Rhodes. (I really like how the two real siblings are at odds while the show siblings- Taker and Kane- are not.)

Other Notes:
- I love how John Cena acts as if those watching SD only watch SD and have no cluse what's going on on Raw. I guess there are some who do not get USA because they still use rabbit ears or their cable/satellitte provider does not offer it at an affordable price, but there's also the RAW Rewind segment every week,, oh, and people like yours truly to fill them in.

- Gail Kim is coming back to the WWE! Since the promo was during tonight's broadcast, I'm assuming she'll be on the SD roster, which should be interesting. I think Gail is incredibly talented and is an asset to the Divas program.

- Kozlov is still undefeated after beating the Undertaker tonight! As Taker was walking along the ropes for the Old School attack, Kozlov countered, slamming Taker to the canvass and quickly pinning the shocked Dead Man. On Monday's Raw, Kozlov and Shawn Michaels will face each as their last test to see who takes on Taker and his record at Wrestlemania.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WWE Blender

WWE is freshening up its programming by blending the Raw and Smackdown shows, continuing the plot lines through the week. The positive thing is we are seeing new conflicts to make us more excited for Wrestlemania 25. The negative is one more night of Vicki Guerrero each week.

This is how they used to do the two shows, and I guess it was putting a strain on the superstars, so they created the two rosters. I really think it's great they are doing this, and that we are getting with the best Superstars for a plot to be prolonged with. (Let's face it, there are some guys who just want to fast forward through when they get a mic in their hands, or just enter the ring...)

Besides the Triple H "McMahon"/Randy Orton angle, John Cena will now be following Vicki everywhere she goes until he gets his rematch with Edge. Somehow, I think he's going to be following her for a little over a month. We also have Shawn Michaels possibly facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania-- he has to beat Vladimir Kozlov first to have that, um, honor.

For those of you who missed Raw, we almost had a Sledgehammer Match when both Orton and Triple H came to the ring with the intimidating accessory. Both dropped their sledgehammers when Orton suggested they handle the situation like men. Then, Triple H removed his leather jacket, Legacy slowly advanced and The Cerebral Assassin pulled another sledgehammer out of his pants! He chased Orton and DiBiase through the arena, only getting a hit once on DiBiase once in a dressing room Triple H broke the door down to get to the two. (He also broke a mirror in the attack, for you superstitious types) Eventually, Orton and DiBiase made it to the car, where Cody Rhodes, who apparently was living the American dream as their chauffeur for the night, was waiting. Triple H broke the back passenger window of the car before the door was closed and tossed the sledgehammer at the car as it drove away, barely missing.

Other Notes:
-CM Punk qualified for the Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania. He pinned John Morrison in a Triple Threat Match which also included The Miz to qualify.

- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was announced as an inductee to the Hall of Fame. This caused an altercation with Chris Jericho and Steamboat because Steamboat can't leave the business. My question-- Does anyone remember what his iguana's name was?

Friday, February 20, 2009

WWE: The new Mr. McMahon

What many fans already knew was revealed and became part of the storyline Friday night-- Triple H and Stephanie are husband and wife.

In an interview with JR about what happened on Raw earlier in the week, Triple H said, "He put his hands... A lot of people may not like my father-in-law, Vince McMahon... (goes on to say what Orton did to Vince and Shane was wrong) And then, he put his hands on my wife. You've crossed the line, Orton, one you can't get back from. Stephanie is the mother of my children." Then, Triple H rips off the mic, ending the interview.

Now, according to previous storyline, Triple H and Stephanie were infamously married at the Las Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel in late 1999. In early 2002, Stephanie faked a pregnancy and Triple H dumped her at the altar where they were to renew their vows. By the end of 2002, they were divorced in the storyline. Every time Stephanie and Triple H have been together on screen, they have been coy with each other, and there was even a moment where Vince introduced Stephanie to Triple H and they shared a giggle. Triple H on his own has made playful hints to his real life relationship.

In real life, the two were married in October 2003 (shortly after Stephanie's "I Quit" against her father at No Mercy) and have two daughters, Aurora and Murphy.

On Monday, Triple H will confront Randy Orton on Raw. If I were Randy, I'd call in sick.

Just a thought about Shane and Orton's unsanctioned match Monday-- maybe they should have cleared the arena like Kurt Angle and Sting did on TNA this week. Then Shane wouldn't have had to worry about Rhodes and DiBiase interfering. By the way, if you didn't see TNA, watch the replay Saturday... it was cool and freaky to watch a match in an empty arean. (By the way, WWE couldn't do that, or at least the way TNA did it, because they work in larger arenas which would make it logistically hard to get all those people out and to somewhere where they could watch what they're missing inside.)

Other Notes:
- Terry and Dory Funk will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. So far, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only other announce inductee.
- Vladimir Kozlov will get the moment he's wanted, maybe. He is scheduled for a singles match against the Undertaker next week, and if he wins, he gets a chance to stop Taker's 16-0 streak at Wrestlemania 25. (On Raw, Shawn Michaels and JBL are also vying for their chance next week.)
- Also next week, it's Hardy v. Hardy. I guess their Wrestlemania match (which we all know is coming) will be some crazy TLC match.
- Cody Rhodes, Manu and Randy Orton were nominated for an award: "Best Display of Homoeroticism by a Guy Who is Totally Not Gay... Seriously... Come On You Guys... I Mean It" by "The Soup Awards." This was for a moment when Cody and Manu were staring down Orton in the locker room (I think it was shortly after he kicked Ted DiBiase). Some guy from "The Real World" won the award.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ECW: "Instantly Classic"

Christian! Christian! Now you're on ECDub!

Yes, that's right, Christian made his return to the WWE Tuesday night, and not only is he on the ECW roster, but he wants the ECW Championship belt. He faced Champ Jack Swagger in a non-title match and won.

The title is up first at No Way Out when Finlay challenges Swagger. By the way, Swagger, it takes a real man to call out Hornswoggle.

Christian wasn't the only surprise of the night-- Natalya has moved from Smackdown to ECW (which I guess means she can be on all three shows, which may be good for her development) and she brought a friend... a boyfriend, in fact. Tyson Kidd, aka TJ Wilson, trained in the Dungeon and was taken in by the Hart family. He and Natalya have allegedly been dating outside of wrestling for a while. I sense the beginning of the next Hart Foundation...

(As Christian walked out to the ring- with new music- Matt Striker called the moment "instantly classic." Christian was known as the "Instant Classic" on TNA.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Raw: Legends return

For those of us not interested in the Westminster Dog Show, there was Monday Night Raw.

Raw got to business introducing legend Ric Flair (in a suit and tie, no robes, feathers or rhinestones) at the start of the show. Shortly into Ric's obligatory speech, Chris Jericho interrupted. Ric didn't like basically being called a wrestling whore, so he punched Jericho in the jaw, knocking him out of the ring. As Jericho retreated up the ramp, Flair's music filled the arena again-- why do I think that's not the last time...

Let me tell you, I am grateful I got to see Ric Flair compete in his hometown of Charlotte before his retirement. I will never forget the feeling of seeing this legend in an arena filled with love and admiration for him.

The show's main event featured a legend still active, the Undertaker. Taker was there as Stephanie's revenge on Randy Orton, and the match was going pretty well for Taker until the Priceless boys came out to assist Randy. However, Taker had back up, too-- Shane McMahon ran out to the ring, immediately jumping on Orton. As DiBiase restrained Shane, Orton escaped and Taker chokeslammed Rhodes. Then, Taker grabbed DiBiase and chokeslammed him as well. As Orton watched from the ramp, Shane pulled out a garbage can and used DiBiase for Coast-to-Coast practice.

Kelly's outfit tonight made me wonder if the WWE ever thought of making Diva Barbie dolls for girls (interesting, since Kelly's real name is in fact Barbie)...

Raw results (2/9):
Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall v. Melina and Kelly Kelly, Beth pins Melina
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase v. Cryme Tyme, Rhodes pins JTG
Six Man Tag- Kane, Mike Knox and Jericho v. Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and John Cena, Jericho pins Kofi
Shawn Michaels v. Mark Henry, HBK DQ'd (used chair)
Intercontinental Championship Match- William Regal v. Champ CM Punk, Punk pins Regal, Punk retains title

Upcoming: No Way Out, Sunday, Feb. 15, 8 p.m.

Friday, February 6, 2009

SD: Royale

I usually feel sickened whenever Vicki makes an appearance. Tonight, the urge to vomit came when the GM of Smackdown called the Battle Royal a Battle Royale, and she wasn't trying to be funny. I mean, really, she must have something major on the McMahons...

Anyway, the Battle Royal was to determine the final participant in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title. Vladimir Kozlov won after taking out Khali, then both Colon brothers at once and finally R. Truth. He joins Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Undertaker, Big Show and Champ Edge in the match at No Way Out next weekend.

On another note, I liked the Hurricane character better for Gregory Helms. I think was a better fighter then. He looked pretty weak tonight in his attempt to beat up Matt Hardy as a friend of Jeff. Jeff probably would have done a better job fighting from his hospital bed. Tonight, Helms looked like loser. Now, some of you might say a man who dresses up like a superhero and isn't Brandon Routh or Christian Bale is a loser, but he was an energetic, quality personality. And yeah, I do remember it getting old, like when Stacy Keibler became his sidekick, but this new personality is making me miss the hero he once was.

Jeff Hardy should be returning next week, but Matt did sort of warn of another "accident."

SD Results (2/6):
Shelton Benjamin v. MVP, MVP pins Shelton
John Morrison, The Miz and The Brian Kendrick v. Carlito, Primo and R. Truth, Kendrick pins Carlito
Eve v. Michelle McCool, Eve submits, Michelle wins
Umaga v. Kung Fu Naki, Umaga pins Fu Naki (even Tazz is still calling him Funaki)
Edge and Big Show v. Triple H and Undertaker, Taker pins Edge