Friday, October 31, 2008

Hogan talks about broken family, continued

E! News aired more of their interview with the Hulkster Friday night.
Hogan said he drove up on Nick's accident on way to dinner. He noted Nick has always been a good kid, but that he told Nick he should be grateful because "all things happen for a reason."

On his marriage, he said he thought he would be married forever. He added he sees wedding vows as serious and that he "didn't know some people didn't mean it." Also, Brooke warned him there was trouble, telling him things weren't what seemed. Nowadays, he doesn't talk to Linda.

You can learn more during the 90-minute "True Hollywood Story" of Hulk Hogan and his family airing Friday, Nov. 7 at 8p.m. on E!

SD: Happy Halloween

Druids, caskets and costumes, oh my! There’s nothing like the WWE on holidays.

The casket match returned Friday night, and Undertaker’s opponent was the very nervous Chavo Guerrero. Even the druids carrying the casket down to ringside put fear in Chavo’s eyes.

As Taker entered the ring, JR suggested “Chavo notify his next of kin, but that would be somewhat redundant considering his own aunt put him in this environment,”

Chavo gained some confidence when he saw Big Show come out to watch from the ramp. Big Show did eventually assist Chavo (there’s no DQ in casket matches, so it was all legal), but got spooked when landing on the casket, and retreated back up the ramp to watch the remainder of the match. Needless to say, Taker rolled Chavo’s carcass into the casket after executing a tombstone.

Also needless to say, Kozlov still wants his title match. Well, he may get it. During a confrontation, Triple H told Kozlov to request the match from Vicki Guerrero. After Vicki saw Taker slam the lid on the casket, she informed Kozlov he would face the Undertaker next week, and if he wins, he gets his title shot at Survivor Series.

By the way, JR was sailor with an "OU" embroidered on his hat and GI Tazz sar beside him at the announcers table.

SD Results (10/31):
The Miz and John Morrison v. Carlito and Primo, Miz pins Carlito
Jimmy Wang Yang (dressed up as John Wayne) v, The Brian Kendrick, Kendrick DQ’d
The Hardys and Rey Mysterio v. MVP, Mark Henry and Kane, Jeff pins MVP
Michelle, Maria and Brie v. Natalya, Victoria and Maryse (all in costume-same as Cyber Sunday), Maria pins Victoria

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return Nov. 23 at Survivor Series
Randy Orton: broken collarbone, expected to return to action mid-November
Edge: in Hell (or Florida, promoting SD on My Network TV)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December

Monday, October 27, 2008

Raw: Monday Night Chaos

Chris Jericho believes he lost his title at Cyber Sunday because of a conspiracy lead by GM Mike Adamle to rid him of the title. So, with his sour-four-year-old-child face, Jericho announced he was getting his rematch next week. Ah, but Adamle, to ensure there was no outside interference, decided to put the match in a steel cage.

As Jericho sulked away, Randy Orton came down the ramp to request Shane and Stephanie McMahon come to Raw next week to fire Adamle or he quits. Geez, Randy, with all your steroid suspensions and falling off your bike just before your return from injury, I’d say your pretty lucky to still have your job. Think Jeff Jarrett’s going to care who your daddy is if you mess up on TNA?

Rowdy Roddy Piper, Goldust and Honky Tonk got more play from their Cyber Sunday appearance by showing up as guest commentators for Santino Marella’s match against Charlie Hass dressed up as Beth Phoenix. However, shortly after the bell rang, the three were in the ring, and Santino’s head was through a guitar.

**Don’t forget Raw starts at 8 week for the record-breaking 800th episode! Miz and Morrison v. DX! Batista v. Jericho in a steel cage! (Tickets are still available if you want to fly down to Tampa and show up at the St. Pete Times Forum wearing a Phillies jersey over your DX shirt…)**

Raw Results (10/27):
World Tag Team Title Match: CM Punk and Kofi Kingston v. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Punk pins DiBiase, Punk and Kingston win title
Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle and Mickie James v. Jillian, Victoria and Katie Lea, Kelly pins Katie Lea
Rey Mysterio v. Evan Bourne, Mysterio pins Bourne (the two get attacked by their Goliaths post-match)
Jericho and JBL v. Batista and Shawn Michaels (Michaels unable to compete after being attacked backstage by JBL before match, but eventually limps out to ring for a pivotal Sweet Chin Music) Batista pins JBL

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return Nov. 23 at Survivor Series
Randy Orton: broken collarbone, expected to return to action mid-November
Edge: in Hell (or Florida, promoting SD on My Network TV)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December

Monday notes from outside the arena

- Chris Jericho has moved on from music channel show commentary to music channel show host. "Redemption Song" will premeire Wednesday at 11 p.m. on Fuse. The show is basically an "American Idol" for women who haven't gotten their big break because other things have gotten in the way, like alcohol, drugs and other unprofessional behavior. (In case you were wondering, three of the contestants are Jersey Girls - Elisa, Esther and Jazmin)

- The "Hulk Hogan: Trbue Hollywood Story" premieres Friday, Nov. 7, on E!.

- Charlie Haas is using his Seton Hall education now in addition to his All-American athletic abilities. The WWE Superstar opened Custom Muscle, a nutritional supplement store, earlier this month in Texas.

Haas, along with business partners Umaga and wife Jackie (former WWE Diva, TNA Knockout and Tough Enough Champion), was selling the products online only until the bricks and mortar store opened.

This place sounds amazing. Read this discription from the website (

"With over 2,000 square feet of top of the line nutrition and vitamin choices, along with cutting edge sports and wellness enhancement products, Custom Muscle will also supply a CITY BLENDS Custom Smoothie Bar enhanced with FREE Wi-Fi in our lounge sitting area complete with a flat screen television!"

I can't believe there isn't a gym in this place. That's all that's missing. Good Luck, Charlie!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cybering Cyber Sunday

- U.S. Championship preview match: R. Truth selected, Shelton Benjamin retains title

- Kane v. Rey Mysterio: No Holds Barred selected (39%), Rey wins

- ECW Championship: Evan Bourne selected (69%), Matt Hardy retains title

- Tag Team: Cryme Tyme v. Miz and Morrison (38%), Morrison pins Shad


- Intercontinental Championship: Honky Tonk Man selected (35%- Piper had 34%), Honky Tonk Man wins by DQ, Santino retains championship

**Theme song for Survivor Series is "Spoilin' for a Fight" from AC/DC's new release Black Ice!**
- Big Show v. Undertaker: Last Man Standing selected (49%), Taker wins

- Divas Costume Contest: Mickie James as Tomb Raider

- WWE Championship: Jeff Hardy selected (57%), Triple H retains title

- World Heavyweight Championship: Special Guest Ref Stone Cold Steve Austin (78%), no DQs 'cause Stone Cold says so, Batista wins the title

Rocky's brother knocked out

Since "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" was the only post that got me a comment in my first week on the digital canvas, I figured you'd want another update. I also figured some of you may have been scared off when you saw CCW was the lead-in for "My Big Redneck Wedding" and had commericals for "Beer For My Horses."

As my headline gives away, Frank Stallone, most famous for, um, well, being Sly's brother, was the jabroni sent out of the ring this week. (Thank you.)

Dennis Rodman almost knocked himself out of the competitionwhen he injured his shoulder's rotator cup. However, like a true performer, he severly reduced his ring time by stepping into the manager position.

In non-wrestling developments, Danny Bonaduce learned that he could still make Erin Murphy cry. See, he made her cry when he was a brat on "The Partridge Family" and she was six-year-old Tabitha on "Bewitched." In this episode of CCW, he made her cry by making fun of her financial situation. Ah, so now we know why she's on this show. Wait, isn't that the reason why all past celebs go on reality shows?

Cyber Sunday voting still open

(sorry, technical difficulties delayed posting)

Cyber Sunday, the Pay-Per-View event for which we, the fans, choose the matches, is Sunday night. For a couple matches, we vote online for our choices, and for the others, we text votes to 44993. Below, I have listed the matches with our choices and how to vote, in case you haven’t yet. I have also included my own picks.

Vote for the referee: World Heavyweight Champ Chris Jericho v. Batista – Stone Cold Steve Austin (text Austin), Randy Orton (Orton) or Shawn Michaels (HBK)
Red Mask: Stone Cold, who else?

Vote for the challenger: WWE Champ Triple H v. Jeff Hardy(Jeff), Vladimir Kozlov (Kozlov) or Both (Triple)
RM: I want to see the Triple Threat Match just because I want to get the inevitable rolling. However, Kozlov cannot win.

Vote for the challenger: ECW Champ Matt Hardy v. Mark Henry (Henry), Evan Bourne (Evan) or Finlay (Finlay)
RM: Evan Bourne.

Vote for type of match: Undertaker v. Big Show, Knockout, I Quit or Last Man Standing Match (vote online)
RM: Last Man Standing. I don’t like closed fists in wrestling, I don’t think closed fists belong in wrestling, so I say no to Knockout match.

Vote for the challenger: Intercontinental Champ Santino Marella v. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (Piper), Goldust (Goldust) or Honky Tonk Man (Honky)
RM: Honky Tonk Man. I hear he has recovered from his finger injury – interestingly, it allegedly happened when he clashed guitars with someone for a photo op, and the neck of his guitar slashed his index finger, almost severing it. Those of you who saw Raw remember when Santino slammed his prop guitar, a piece flew up and cut his lip open.

Vote for type of match: Kane v. Rey Mysterio – Falls Count Anywhere (A), No Holds Barred (B) or Best 2-out-of-3 Falls (C)
RM: Falls Count Anywhere because I really don’t want this to go on forever, and we could see creative use of 619.

Vote for the match: Mickie and Noble v. Layla and Regal (1), Cryme Tyme v. Miz and Morrison (2), Punk and Kingston v. Rhodes and Dibiase (3)
RM: Hmmm, this is a tough one. I like both the Cryme Tyme match and the Money Jr, match. I guess by default I will choose the only match which actually has two true tag teams, Cryme Tyme v. Miz and Morrison.

Vote for best costume: Divas Halloween Costume Contest
RM: You’ll have to wait for the show to vote in this one.

Preview Match on
Vote for the challenger: U.S. Champ Shelton Benjamin v. R. Truth, MVP or Festus (vote online)
RM: R. Truth, because I like seeing R. Truth in action. He reminds me of John Cena when he was starting out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Smackdown: The Triple H Show

Yes, everybody is as sick of Vicki Guerrero as you are, Triple H. Fortunately, we didn't have to endure her tonight.

The Cerebral Assassin opened the show with “what is called a promo” for Cyber Sunday and his main event match for Smackdown later in the night. The expected happened, including a nose-to-nose stare-down with his SD main event opponent, the Undertaker, once Triple H got backstage.

The main event announcements started with a half hour left in the show. Rumor has it Triple H and Taker aren’t the best of friends in real life, so it made for an interesting match up because of that and not just the two are powerhouses. The match had several recovery lulls, perhaps to better fill the time. However, there were some exciting moments, including a few counters to usually finishing moves.

The bell rang five minutes before the end of the show when Big Show interfered by punching Taker in the gut. Big Show ended up walking out of the ring as both Triple H and Taker lay as his victims in the ring.

After a commercial break, Triple H was still in the ring getting up when Kozlov decided to take advantage and attack.

Just a couple more notes:
It looks like Primo and Carlito will be pairing up with twins soon…
Hurricane Helms, whatever you're calling yourself, you’re annoying. I’m just saying…

SD Results (10/24):
Michelle and Maria v. Natalya and Maryse, Maryse pins Michelle as Maria is distracted by Festus wooing her with a mariachi band
Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero v. Primo and Carlito, Carlito pins Neely after Chavo slaps his bodyguard
R. Truth and Kung Fu Naki (aka Funaki, for those of you who missed it) v. MVP and Shelton Benjamin, Naki pins MVP
The Brian Kendrick v. Super Crazy, Kendrick pins Super Crazy

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return in January
Randy Orton: broken collarbone, expected to return to action mid-November
Edge: in Hell (or Florida, promoting SD on My Network TV)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December

- Cyber Sunday, Oct. 26, at 8 p.m. (my preview will be posted Saturday)
WWE Blast Areas (where you can watch the PPVs outside your home)
In NJ: Fox & Hound in Edison, Hooters in Union, Hooters in Wayne, Jimmy Geez Sports Bar & Grill in Haledon and Pub 46 in Clifton.
In PA: Fox & Hound in King of Prussia, Stadium Grill in West Chester, Fat Jacks in Easton.
- “Magic’s Big Secrets” featuring WWE Divas, 9 p.m. Monday on My Network

Hogan talks about broken family

E! News scored Hulk Hogan's first interview since Nick got out of the slammer, and he opened up about his family. On Friday night, the entertainment news program aired part of the interview, the part which focused on his estranged wife, Linda.

Since he and his wife separated, Hogan said has not had a relationship with her.

"I don't talk to Linda at all," Hogan said. "I prey to God that we could be friends."

He said he still loves her, but is not in love with her because "if you love someone, there are certain things you don't do to them."

"I know who everybody is now," Hogan added. "I really know who everybody is."

More of the interview will air in one week.

E! radio program "Yo on E!" also got an interview with the Hulkster.

Hogan gave a positive spin on Nick's jail time when asked what his son learned while locked up.

"When he went to jail he was stripped of everything," Hogan said. "He found out what's important in life."

He explained when Nick was taken away from his busy life and possessions, he realized he should be helping others and doing positive things.

"He was a good kid before, He's a great kid now. He's not the same man he was when he went in there."

Great. Don't forget Hogan's new reality game show airs 8 p.m. Saturday on CMT. I'm really surprised we haven't seen the 24-inch pythons make a guest appearance on Raw yet...

TNA: Main Event Mafia

TNA had a great card this week as it ventured in HD television for the first time. Awesome Kong won the Knockout title from Taylor Wilde and Beer Money took the hardcore gauntlet match, both of which were entertaining contests.

The new "Main Event Mafia" was the story of the night, though, as Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash and Sting formed a new heel clique. This group beat the living hell out of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, and they faced off with Mick Foley, who was announced as the new "owner" of TNA.

Foley told Angle he needed to be a part of history, or just be history. It will be interesting to see how this new clique plays itself out, but it looks like a washed-up version of the nWo Wolfpack (which by the way included Sting and Nash back in the day). Angle is a stranger to stables, if you ignore the short-lived Team Angle, which gave Shelton Benjamin and Seton Hall alum Charlie Haas a chance to show what they could do. Still, Angle did little teamwork and more bossing around, and he seems to be good at that for sure.

This group is unlikely to capture the magic of prominent stables of the past, but still will be fascinating.

Red Mask's all-time best teams/stables
1. D-Generation X
2. Four Horsemen
3. nWo
4. Evolution
5. Mega Powers
6. Corporate Ministry
7. The Brood

Red Mask's all-time worst teams/stables
1. Spirit Squad
2. La Resistance
3. New Blood
4. La Familia
5. Mean Street Posse

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ECW: Bourne again

ECW has been getting stale lately, with fewer extreme rules matches and boring superstars. It was becoming a glorified Heat or Velocity, which probably made old school guys like Tommy Dreamer sick.

In any case, Evan Bourne has been a breath of fresh air. His win over Mark Henry and Finlay Tuesday night was impressive, as he showed he could mix it up in a number of different styles. His aerial assaults are as good as any young guy to come along since the Hardys, Rey Mysterio or even as far back as Shawn Michaels from the Rockers days.

Finlay called Evan "Bourne-swaggle" in reference to his small stature, and that was pretty hilarious, especially coming from Finlay who rarely gets to crack a joke. He prefers to crack heads.

I still hope for more extreme rules matches on ECW (isn't that the point?) but I am hoping Bourne gets the vote at Cyber Sunday for a title shot.

More on my picks for Cyber Sunday later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hogan's son gets out of jail

Nick Bollea (Hogan) was released from the Pinnellas County Jail at about early Tuesday morning. His sister, Brooke, was there to greet him with a running hug.

Hulk Hogan's son was sentenced to 8 months for causing a crash by speeding. As a result of the accident, his friend is permanently disabled. He got three months taken off his sentence for good behavior.

Hopefully, he'll continue that good behavior by disappearing for awhile, only getting in the driver's seat by playing video games in his bedroom.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Raw: Boredom original

The first Cyber Sunday commercial of the week, I mean, Raw featured “another Adamle original” with both Chris Jericho and Batista competing in gauntlet matches against the same three opponents. Batista was up first against William Regal, easily defeating him. Jericho then takes advantage of the damage done to Regal, and pins him after only executing a code breaker. Second out was Mark Henry, with Jericho going first this time. The referee disqualified Jericho after he uses the belt to attack Henry. Once again, Batista easily defeats his opponent. Adamle announced Jericho would go first again against their last opponent, Kane. Jericho had a hard time wearing down the Big Red Machine, and ended getting pinned. Batista enters the ring for the third time, and for third time quickly gets the win. The match was confusing and lacked drama, unlike previous Adamle originals which showed promise.

I think one of the best gimmicks is Charlie Haas’ impersonations of wrestlers. I say this because Haas is a pretty good wrestler who may have been in danger of losing his contract or being dropped to FCW because he lacks personality. This has transformed him into someone the fans can look forward to seeing because we want to see who he’s going to be next. This week, he was Stone Cold Steve Haastin.

Raw Results (10/20):
Kelly Kelly and Candace Michelle v. Jillian and Katie Lea, Kelly pins Jillian
JBL v. Stone Cold Steve Haastin, JBL pins Haas
Rey Mysterio v. Snitsky, Mysterio pins Snitsky
The Miz and John Morrison v. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston, The Miz pins CM Punk
Cryme Time v. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, DiBiase, Rhodes and Manu attack Cryme Time before match begins

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return in January
Randy Orton: broken collarbone, expected to return to action mid-November
Edge: in Hell (or Florida, promoting SD on My Network TV)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December

Sunday, October 19, 2008

HBK foe leaves WWE

Looks like Shawn Michaels will have one less person to worry about in his feud with Chris Jericho since WWE released Lance Cade of his contract on Oct. 14.

In Jim Ross' blog, J.R.'s Place, he explained Cade was released because of a "major league mistake" he made outside of the ring. Ross said this included a seizure he had on an airplane which needed emergency medical care. The hospital's tests found nothing serious wrong, Ross said.

Cade debuted on "Raw" in 2003 as Garrison Cade, tag team partner to Mark Jindrak. In 2004, the team split and Cade returned to "Raw" in 2005 with Trevor Murdoch as his tag team partner. With Murdoch, he was a three-time World Tag Team Champion.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wrestling enters train wreck arena

Wrestling is the latest stop on the washed-up celebrity reality show train wreck. "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" debuted Saturday on CMT with frequent riders Danny Bonaduce, Dustin Diamond, Todd Bridges, Trishelle Cannatella, Tiffany, Erin Murphy, ButterBean, Nikki Ziering, Frank Stallone and Dennis Rodman training and competing for the Celebrity Championship Wrestling belt. Hulk Hogan of course stars and judges alongside Eric Bischoff and Jimmy Hart. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobbs are the trainers of the former hit stars.

The basics of the show are the celebrities are broken up into two teams – Team Beefcake and Team Nasty – and train for a main event match with just a few moves. After each team performs its match in front of a live crowd, an elimination follows.

It appears Beefcake is a better teacher, while Knobbs is a better choreographer. As a result, Beefcake’s team suffered and 80's pop star Tiffany was the first to be told, “You’re a Jabroni. Get out of my ring!”

The show airs 8 p.m. Saturdays on CMT. Goldberg and Rob Van Dam will be guests on future episodes.

WWE challenges young fans

WWE kicked off its Wrestlemania XXV Reading Challenge this week for students in grades 5-12. Students read 10 books and write an essay; local libraries choose the best essay submitted. A panel of judges then select 10 finalists to go to Wrestlemania. Each finalist’s library gets a $2000 donation.

“Reading sometimes gets neglected, and what we want to do as WWE Superstars is remind teens that reading is cool and important for their future,” said Matt Hardy, one of the spokespersons for the program.

Wrestlemania XXV is scheduled for April 5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston. For more information, visit